It’s On Its Way!

I’ll have PROMPTuesday up tomorrow morning. This evening, a complicated algorithm involving tart frozen yogurt destroyed by Agave Nectar (next time use plain honey) topping, an illegal smiley face drawn on an orange ottoman and dark shadows moving about my sinister bedroom last night, lowered my energy level enough to preclude an early PROMPT posting.


Plus, I find myself skewing toward overwrought word usage tonight and I just don’t want to deal with me.


But! I’m not depressed. Just wordy (and we all know where that can lead). So that’s good.


Or bad, depending on how much you like me.


(I always take it one sentence too far.)


See you tomorrow.


Promise to employ less verbosity.


(There I go again.)


7 thoughts on “It’s On Its Way!”

  1. Verbosity is welcome around my place! It’s the norm.

    Oh, I’ll check back, I’m looking forward to getting back into the PROMPTuesday groove.

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