Just so you know right off, I love PROMPTuesday. What a supportive little thing we got going there. I adore the new voices and the people writing and the humor and the honesty and the prosetasticness. Still, when it’s not Tuesday, I find myself wondering what to write…and then idea-less, I run off and pen some easy confessional that’s honest to a fault and pretty soon, everyone knows I get serial killer PMS, eat glue, and might or might not collect porcelain wildlife figurines.


So let’s avoid the senseless honesty in the future.


I’ve got an idea.


But wait! Some background first: A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger and I went out for dinner and talked shop. Soon enough, in a fit of red wine poisoninginspiration, I suggested that we write a post starter for the other person to publish in the near future. So we did. On napkins. Which I’ve since lost. But I sorta remember that Mel asked me to write about sex toys. While I more piously asked her to write about her role models. (You kiss your mom with that pen, Mel? You little scamp.)


Anyway…back to the present. How about if we post blog starters in the comments? You know, topic ideas for a post? AND, we can work it where the person immediately above the comment must write the idea suggested by the commenter below them. (Is this logistically accurate?) (Someone with the detail gene let me know.)


So in this little scenario, the first person to comment will write on the topic suggested by the second commenter. Then the commenter that follows that person will post a blog topic idea, and the person just above that comment will expand on the idea in an upcoming post. And so on. The person below the person above will post a topic and repeat. (NONE of this is now making sense to me.)


I will forge on.


Some suggestions of blog ideas (that I’ve never employed myself):


Who is your personal hero?

Was there a childhood experience that particularly shaped who you are today?

Why do all the Real Housewives of Orange County look like trannies?

Write a list of bloggers that inspire you.

Conduct an interview with someone you admire.

Has a friend ever betrayed you?


And etc., etc.


So is this at all makey sensey?


To sum up: the first person to comment will write on the idea suggested by the person below them. Also, the first commenter can suggest a topic and I will write on that since I’m not represented anywhere in this weirdo set-up I’ve concocted.


I’ll list the links to resulting posts in my sidebar. Also, I think I’m going to do a flow chart diagram to show how this will work. Unless someone else is good with flow charts?( I think you can see why I decided to become a writer and not a statistician or efficiency expert.)


UPDATED TO ADD: I hope this graphic helps, because I am all bebozzled over here. Pls. look at the below for an example of the drivel I spouted earlier.




The above is just an example of how this works. The real comments box is below! And look! Karelle now has a topic suggestion!


Finally: When you write the post as suggested by the commenter that followed you, let me know and I will publish a list of links for the sharey goodness.


30 Responses to “Fodder”

  1. MommyTime says:

    Okay, I’ll play. Here’s a topic for you: first, choose an animal. Got it? Okay. You have to stick with the first one that came to mind. Then, write a post telling us about the dream that animal had last night. You can assume you are that animal, or not, as you like.

    If you don’t like that topic, my alternate is: tell us the story of the day in high school that you wore the least successful outfit you ever concocted.

  2. Blognut says:

    This is why I love you Deb, this is a cool idea. I fear whoever comments after me right now… but I’m in because I have been a wealth of boredom lately on my blog.

    MommyTime, you get to post on your most embarrassing sports moment.

  3. Lovely! I get Blognut. I. Am. Salivating.
    Write a pitch for a television series. Network or cable. Comedy or drama.

  4. Karelle says:

    Hmm… I want to play, but I’m not so hot on generating ideas lately. All the same, how about a post describing a typical day in the life of your alternate self in a parallel universe. (Have I seen this prompt somewhere recently? I might be ripping it off.)

  5. kate says:

    um. yes, okay. i will play. what do i do again? because, like you, deb, i don’t understand. maybe my wife will take me out for coffee and tell me what to do.

  6. stoneskin says:

    How about describing your perfect day, and then your nightmare day. Concisely of course. The perfect day is your dream day, you can do anything you want. The nightmare day is (possibly) your dream day’s reverse. Anyway blah blah it’s an idea!

  7. I’ll play too, since I seem to be unable to come up with a coherent thought on my own lately…
    Write a post using these guidelines:
    Who: Elvis
    What: A pink dressing gown
    When: Election Day, 2012
    Where: Madison Square Garden, NYC
    Why: Why not?

  8. tinsenpup says:

    Alright, Cactus Petunia, tell us about a little thing that made you proud.

  9. She says:

    Okay, I’m in. Tinsenpup, tell me about an unusual/unique teacher, one you loved or hated or were just puzzled by. Pick any time period in your educational experience. Describe his/her quirks, mannerisms, physical appearance, etc. Maybe include some dialogue that you either remember or do the William Zinser, “invent the truth” kind of thing and just make up some conversation that very likely could have happened. Too much? Just improvise!

  10. Jennifer says:

    This is a great idea.

    To She; from your tag post, of the three cities which would you say was/is your favorite and why. Of course do mention how old you were when you lived there, for how long, any fond memories of the place and if you happen to know, what’s changed since you’ve left.

  11. gary says:

    It is a little early and I must admit my tiny brain is a little overwhelmed here….I shall check back later after a quadruple espresso

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  14. kate says:

    okay. i think that i’m writing an idead for jennifer since gary is still getting coffee. jennifer, write about the woman in the background of your blog, the one who is dancing and jumping and excited. what happened? is she you? (metaphorically).

    now what? if no one leaves me a topic, will you give me one deb? since i’m late and everything?

  15. g says:

    I’ll step up to the plate, and pitch one for Kate – If you were an animal, what kind would you be? Write about your day.

    Oh, boy, now what?

  16. I don’t know you at all g, but here is what I got for you – In the spirit of the Oscars this evening, write about your most favorite movie and why you love it. :)

  17. jessica says:

    Okay, Amana @the mom crowd, here is my prompt for you. tell us the worst decision you think you’ve made in your life and why and if you need more to write about, tell us the best decision you made and why.

  18. (I’m scared!) Jessica, tell us about a smell that immediately takes you back somewhere or reminds you of something. (Please be kind!)

  19. Jamie says:

    Deb, love this idea. Okay Mel, choose a movie/television star that most resembles you.

  20. Janet says:

    Jamie, you’re a makeup artist at the Oscars…tell us what’s going on!

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  22. Kizz says:

    Janet, how about you tell us about your worst kiss. Everybody talks about the good ones!

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  24. goofy girl says:

    I think I get it, and I’m here via Fond of Snape cause this sounded intriguing!

    So Kizz, you mentioned in a post about assumptions people making that frustrate you. What assumption would you change that people make about you? Or, what is it about lists that tickles your fancy?

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  26. Ferd says:

    Alright. I’ll play.
    Goofy, this should be easy for you, talk about something that made you smile or laugh today.

    Hey, Deb, what does the LAST commenter get to write about? Where’s your little rule on that!?

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  28. San Diego Momma says:

    You guys are GREAT!

    In other news, Ferd? If no one leaves a comment after mine, I will suggest a topic for you and THAT way it all comes full circle and the loop is closed!


  29. Seraphine says:

    i’m always the last one in line.
    or things go full circle, then i’m out of the loop.
    i’ll buy the last top on the rack because its on sale, to learn it went out of style yesterday. plus, there’s no room on the bus for me.

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