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I'm a mom, wife, writer and soul searcher who colors life with words.


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A few things about me:


I write for many things, and many people. I contribute to Your North County, Vitals, Savvy Source, and me. Every now and again, my words appear on Five Star Friday and other places.


I love words. Every one, every time. (Except “moist.” That word can go.)



And the real nitty gritty:


I’m a 50-year-old mother (oh God, like Mother Gothel from Tangled) of two sassafras daughters, Toots and Booger, who are 15 and 13. I’m married to The Rock, my stabilizing, calming counterpart (most of the time).


I’m a freelance marketing/PR writer who is working on completing a middle grade supernatural thriller.


I like spooky things.


Other than that, I’m still trying to figure myself out.


And THAT is what this site is all about.


(Head shot courtesy of the amazing Studio M La Jolla)