Different Worlds

Me: The car is running a little funny.


Him: How do you mean?


Me: It sounds corroded.


Him: Like how?


Me: Like it’s riding rough and uneven and weird. Also, it doesn’t start right up in the morning.


Him: Well those are two separate issues. One could be the battery, but since we just got a new one, it’s probably not. The riding weird is another issue. Can you be more specific?


Me: Just….weird. Like rocky. Or like the engine is dirty.


Him: I’m not sure you could tell the engine is dirty by just driving the car…


Me: It sounds like “rrrr….rrrr…rararara…rarrrrr….rrrr.”


Him: What does that even mean?


Me: I don’t know! It’s just riding unusually. Like the Scooby Van.


Him: I have no idea what you are saying.

How is it you can describe things so much better when you write them?


11 thoughts on “Different Worlds

  1. I’m with Jenn! I can’t describe it, so I just send him on an errand and ask him to take my car so he can listen for the ‘corroded’ sound, or the ‘knocking’ sound.

  2. I had a conversation JUST LIKE THIS w/my car repair guy. He totally didn’t get it. I ended up bringing it back on a different day, got a female service person and she INSTANTLY knew what I was talking about. We just speak a different language than men ….

  3. Sometimes you just need to take them by the arm, lead them to the problem, and say, “just try it.” If you have to walk them through further, fine. But really, they should just “know”.

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