PROMPTuesday #114: Make a List, Check it Twice

I’ve had this list thing going on in my head for about a week or two. Lately I’m just walking around, minding my own business, and suddenly a list pops into my brain. Which means that now I’m thinking about everything in this weirdly organized listular fashion. It’s most unlike me, I assure you. Usually, if you were to peer inside my mind, it’d look like this:




Not even kidding a little bit.


Anyway. As an homage to my recent listy brain that makes lists a lot, I decided we should write lists for this week’s PROMPTuesday! Any list you want. (See below for lists on 8 Twitter Lies and 8 Facebook Lies for ideas.)


As for you? Go ahead! Create a list. Maybe something like “8 Ways to Ignite Your Passion for Meat,” or “Reasons Why I Don’t Make Sense,” or “Good Shoes for Walking.”

I don’t know.

Stuff like that.


As for me, I plan to do a list on how to survive summer vacation, so check back for that in a bit if you:


1) Are so inclined

2) Feel like it

3) Have nothing better to do

4) Have been lobotomized


That’s right! I’m coming back to do that summer vacation list right after I:


1) Clean up the residue from last night’s steak dinner off my mouth

2) Make steak and eggs for breakfast

3) Put another steak in the crock pot for dinner

4) Ponder my new unbridled love for meat


Meanwhile, make your list AND:


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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11 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #114: Make a List, Check it Twice”

  1. 8 Favorite Phrases Used by Southerners:

    1. Bless your heart. (Great way to put someone in their place while still appearing to be nice.)

    2. Kiss my grits. (Not really, but came to mind so went with it.)

    3. I am fixin’ to… (This works with everything from taking a nap to working out).

    4. Delta is ready when you are. (Particularly useful if you live in Atlanta). Means stop your griping, you can leave or return at any time.

    5. Getchyousome. (Can be sex or mashed potatoes, but must be said as written).

    6. Fix a plate. (Not to be confused with fixin’ to, this means you are serving yourself, or someone else, a meal).

    7. Lawd have mercy! (Exactly as it sounds).

    8. Go Braves! Go Dawgs! Go Falcons! (Okay, stretching here, these are my favorite phrases, but what the hell).

  2. L.A. Stylist Mom’s 10 Common Fashion Mistakes

    1. Pantie lines
    2. A white bra/underpants under a white top/pants
    3. Ill-fitting clothing
    4. Age-inappropriate dressing
    5. Too much boob
    6. Peek-A-Boo bra straps
    7. Wearing *all* the trends at once
    8. Tights as pants
    9. Pantyhose with open-toed shoes
    10. Crocs

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