Dear Diary…

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Back when I was a moony kid, I read this book called “The Popularity Plan” raptly and foolishly, over and over again. In my room. While other girls my age were out seeing a movie or getting Baskin and Robbins with a G.A.S.S.-shoed boy. Unfortunately, the book became my goofy Bible and inspired me to make a complete fool of myself in the name of cheerleadership for most of 1982. The cool thing is (I use that adjective loosely indeed), I still have my carefully constructed popularity “plans,” as detailed in lame lists I penned in my journal almost 30 years ago. It’s a real treat to read. Again, that term is used loosely.


(This is reprinted from my eighth grade diary and from something I posted for perpetuity several years ago on this blog):


List #2

1) Wear only good clothes

2) Start building up self confidence

3) Importantly, know that you have the right to talk to popular people, and to boys.


List #3 — Morning Routine

1) Wake up

2) Take shower

3) Wash hair

4) Put on powder, put on good clothes

5) Dry hair

6) Curl hair

7) Brush teeth

8) Use mouthwash

9) Feel good about yourself and know that God loves you!

p.s. Try to do some exercises.


Bill Andre’s Plan

1) Drop pencil

2) Ask him to pick it up

p.s. Don’t show off!


I’m just going to let the above speak for itself.


Except to say not much has changed.


Top o' the morning to ya


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6 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. I have to say that your plan is kind of right on! Good clothes, confidence… You were wise beyond your years. ;)

    I’m dying to know how things worked out with Bill Andre. Did the pencil trick work? Also- LOVE “Don’t show off!”

    SO glad you linked up today. The thing is going to be awesome.

  2. You were being your own cheerleader, reminding yourself that you were equal to the popular kids. Bravo!

    Plus, you showed real complex strategem to drop your pencil in front of Bill Andre. Please tell me that worked.

  3. Charming. I think I got rid of all written reminders of those awkward years. Reading your flashback makes me wish I hadn’t. Then again, maybe if I still had documentation, I’d realize that I was even geekier than I remember. :)

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