Bathing Suit Checkpoint: Week Four

I guess you’d call me a little discouraged. I was just going to post my latest picture and measurements with no commentary and only a title that said, “Wha-?” but that would be unfair to all of you who’ve followed my long and illustrious journey to losing no weight this past month.


So the latest:


I went on the South Beach diet a few weeks ago and almost collapsed into my cheese stick by day four. At that point, I deduced that anemia, dieting, and sudden onset exercising don’t mix. So I introduced healthy carbs back into my diet and I don’t feel as weak and about to die.


I’m still going to the gym and treadmilling and ellipticalling, but my favorite new thing is XTend Barre for sculpting. May I say that although my body is still a vat of fat, I actually feel XTend Barre working to chisel muscle. Between the kids home for the summer and work on my desk, I’ve only been able to make about two barre workouts a week, but let me tell you: I’d be bathing-suit-ready if I could take this class more often. I even felt confident enough with my new muscle definition to actually don a pair of shorts and a tank for the Fourth of July. Progress.


That’s the bright spot. The darkness still lies between my thighs (or some other WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT! analogy that makes more sense). And did I tell you I called my doctor in a fit of tears and demanded a thyroid test? I know. I mean, look. I get that I’m not over overweight…but you know when you feel draggy and unkempt and you take matters into your own lazy hands and start to eat better and the SCALE DOESN’T BUDGE AND YOU DON’T KNOW WHY?


Fine. I’ll be patient. I guess it’s only been a month. Waiting for things is not my virtue.


So here’s my week four bathing suit pic:



Looks a heck of a lot like the one from two weeks ago. Like exactly a lot alike.
On that I LOOK THE SAME! note, here are my measurements:


July 7, 2011 Body Stats (the figures at right were my stats from June 12):

Weight: 146.4/148.8

Bust: 37″/36.5″

Waist: 31″/31″

Hips: 36″/36″

Thighs: 23.5″/23.5″


Yep. That’s right. The only inches I’ve lost are in my boobs.
Naturally. Because if you’re not going to lose weight, you might as well lose a bra size.


I’m back to wanting to title this post “Wha-?” and bury my head in my diminishing chest.


Here’s some before/after action for your “What’s the difference?” pleasure:


Week One

Week Two

Week Wha-?


Despite my angst, I would like to end this diatribe on a high note. If you live close to my neighborhood XTend Barre, they will give you one month unlimited access to all classes for $79/month if you mention “San Diego Momma.” Here’s their Facebook page. The staff there has been awesome, telling me to eat more carbs and make it sexy (there’s this Lady Gaga scooping/humping/thrusting move we do for our glutes), and offering me a free month because they feel for my chest.


Plus, I’m thinking if me and my boobs could get to class more often, I’ll at least be able to bench press my smaller bra.


Stay tuned for my upbeat Week Five post! It’s sure to be full of sunshine and looser lingerie!


11 thoughts on “Bathing Suit Checkpoint: Week Four”

  1. I think your waist looks smaller and your thighs more toned. I am jealous. I just gain weight. Yeah I get that I’m pregnant but where are my “expecting a baby boobs”? I will mourn for your boobs too. They say the best always go first, or something like that…

  2. These are the 2 things I know about aging and the body:

    #1. You must choose between the ass and the face. A little bit of body fat plumps the face up. I’d rather look good with wrinkles filled in than be a size 2.

    #2. Dieting and exercising at our age just keeps the wolves at bay. Without it, we’d gain 20 lbs a year. EZ PZ.

    And that’s my 2 cents worth (or a quarter, in today’s economy)

    Good job, mama, with the Barre routine.

  3. Only you can bring some funny into a weight loss journey. Seriously, I go through the same thing when I try to shed some lbs like right now. No budge in scale OR it goes up because of gaining muscle, I guess. So patience. It will go.

  4. I’m dying just to work out, period! You are doing great to get to a class 2x/wk, trust me!

    I was on the P90X/Insanity before/after page on FB today…OMG! I think, if I were not injured, and needing an up-coming surgery, I would definitely want to give it a shot! Just LOOKING at those before and after shots was motivational and inspiring! And made me really REALLY resentful of my injury. :(

    Keep up what you are doing, and if you can increase your classes or time at the gym, then power to you…but if you can’t, then you just have to find other ways to compensate for it. Take an evening stroll around your neighborhood…make it a family walk after dinner every night, or something of the sort! Don’t make it a chore, and it won’t feel like such a chore!

  5. Pffttt. That was the sound of laughter coming out of my nose when I read the part(s)about the staff offering you a free month because they feel for your boobs and you and your boobs getting to class more often. OMG, funny.

    I can honestly tell a difference. You look more tone or sculpted. Does that make sense?

    I have mosquito bites on my chest. People nicley call them boobs but they are swollen insect bites at best. Thanks to my 40yr old metabolism I’m having an affair with my elliptical and my mosquito bites were the first things to disappear. So unfair.

  6. Deb, you are beautiful!

    Just keep it up. You will reach your goals by being consistent with your good diet and regular exercise. And you’ll feel better very quickly, if not already.

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