Long Story Short

Perhaps I’ve mentioned that I’m wordy? Like overly and irritatingly wordy?


I’d let you ask my husband, but he had his ears removed in 2002.


And the thing is even though I’m a lover of the language, I prefer to write it, and not say it so much. So I tend to not vlog and appear on camera because I babble and yammer and I can’t hit the backspace button and delete myself.


Still, sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and agree to be filmed or create a vlog.

Which is what I did recently for my gal pal, Rock On Mommies.

Last month see, she asked if I would join two other ladies and vlog my answer to the question, “What is the one thing you said you’d never say to your kid but ended up saying anyway?”


And I answered the question. And answered it, and answered it, and answered it. Then threw one more answer in there for good measure. Which I answered with my answer.


Luckily, I had the World’s Greatest Vlogger and Humor Blogger visiting the weekend I taped my vlog and I asked her to look at what I recorded.


And so she did.



And stopped watching at about second THREE and after the 82nd “aaaannd,” but out of politeness and because she was stuck at my place, kept watching. But with glazed eyes and a burdened heart.


And then she said:


It’s too long and too slow. Do this instead:”



And so I did.


Forever and ever Amen.


Sidebar: It’s also good if you take a shower before you vlog. The World’s Greatest Vlogger and Humor Blogger didn’t tell me that, but I read it in her eyes.


12 thoughts on “Long Story Short

  1. SO glad I could help you with your vlog, D. Oh, wait…you were talking about Jess. Got it. That’s cool. No really, it’s all good. Really.

    What’s not cool is the fact that I’m gagging on the words lick and plane that are stuck in my throat.

  2. I just said that! Seriously! It was the second plane on our way here to Brazil, and I looked over at Gabi, who was laying sprawled across the seats, and saw her tongue working back and forth over the wall. I freaked out and yelled, “Don’t lick the plane!” And I never ever thought that would come out of my mouth, ever, too.

  3. Well, I for one, am also a lover of words – my husband can testify. More than once he’s tired of my love of details in a story, but I continue.

    So, I enjoyed your first vlog! :)

    I’ve heard it ’round the blogosphere that a good vlog is round about 30 seconds – you had 19 more with your 2nd go-round far as I could tell.

    I look forward to poking around your lovely place here – Mama Mary sent me your way to wish you a very Happy Birthday this week!


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