Failed PR Pitch

First in a series…



Dear Sandie Go Momma:


You seem zippy! Always going somewhere, are we right? It says so right in your name, Sandie!


Would you like to review our tornado car? It is built to withstand winds up to 300 miles per hour! We’re pretty confident that you will love this car and we are going to send you — all-expenses-paid of course — to Oklahoma’s beautiful dust bowl country to try it out.


Lots of people love this car, Sandie! If you’d like to interview these people, let us know! We will collect their scattered body parts and re-assemble them into acceptable interviewees whose talking points will be quite literally provided by our lovely intern, Paprika De la MelrosePlace. Because the people who’ve tested this car are dead, Sandie! But hey, they knew the risks!


Do you know the risks Sandie?


Zippy on-the-go people like you don’t care about no stinkin’ risks, are we right?


The tornado car awaits!






6 Responses to “Failed PR Pitch”

  1. Ha, you should totally take them up on that offer!! LMAO

  2. flutter says:

    you are so totally zippy, Sandie!

  3. MomZombie says:

    You so lucky, Sandie. No one offers me the tornado car. I’m always writing about tornados and storm chasing and body parts and rivers of blood. Ghosts, too. Nothing. BTW your friend Mammary Show let me know it is your birthday. Go, Sandie, go!

  4. You are more “zippie” than “zippy” in my opinion.

  5. melissa says:

    that? was a sandie LAME-O pitch.

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