PROMPTuesday #97: Talk To Me

This PROMPT is lifted entirely from my friend Eden’s brain. Eden (I call her Stephanie) is the founder and editor of an amazing literary journal, AND the creator of a fiction workshop that I signed up for and didn’t finish. (More on that last part later.) Eden also is a great writer (can we share the link to your Amazon breakout fiction story again, Steph?). Anyway, the PROMPT I am completely copying from her fiction workshop is:


Tell a story using ONLY dialogue.


A toughie, right? But I know you can do it.


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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3 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #97: Talk To Me”

  1. Wade Nash says:

    Please look at my entry at:


    Please indulge me By Answering These Questions:

    1) Briefly describe the shop you see in your mind’s eye?

    2) What does the purchaser look like in your mind?

    3) What does the shopkeeper look like in your mind?

    4) Describe the box. What do you see inside of the box?

    Thank you so much for answering these questions! :)

    — Wade Nash

  2. Laurie Ann says:

    [This was easier to read in my original format. Just know that every space means the next person is talking.]

    “So, I told you I was going to see that Mark guy last night, right?”

    “Yeah, you said. How’d it go?”

    “He picked me up.”


    “Thank You!~~He picked you up? Was he demonstrating feats of strength? This table is getting too much sun. How about over there? ” “Much better”

    “He picked me up as in he drove to my house, knocked on my door and picked me up…for a date.”

    “Guys still do that?”

    “Right? I was kind of shocked. He opened the car door, too.”

    “Shut up!”
    “You know what this means right? D’oh,

    “Are you okay?”

    “Burned my lip. Damn, this coffee is hot.”

    “Um, it’s supposed to be hot. It IS coffee, after all.”

    “Bite me. So, you know what this means?”

    “That you have to marry him?”

    “No, that’s I’ve been dating douche bags this whole time.”

    “Me, too, if that’s the test.”

    “Check it. Over there.”

    “Sweatpants? Or, you-can-tell-what-kind-of-wax-I-get jeans?”


    “Yeah, I saw that coming in. Wait until you see Rico Suave who came in with her.”

    “Oh, OH…I just did. Oh, man. Now he would NOT pass the test.”

    “No kidding.

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