Stuff I Like

This is my semi-annual and infrequentStuff I Like” post that I write every so often to fill up the blank spaces in my mind. That’s right. Today? I can’t think of a darn thing to write. Other than this.


Still. These things, this “stuff I like” really moves me. All these items were purchased by me, not provided by sponsors (not that I’d even know a sponsor if one came up and bit me in the ad space), and are used very often by moi for my intense pleasure in a non-vibratory fashion.*


Let’s get to it.


First up is skincare. Oy, my skin. It is unhappy with me. It lets me know this in wrinkly, oily, zitty ways. Over the years, I’ve experimented with many, many products to sooth the savage complexion beast. Here are some of my favorites:




Vitamin C Serum from Pure Parisians

I once read that a dermatologist can tell right off if a person uses Vitamin C treatments on her face. There’s a certain smoothness and glowiness to the complexion that’s immediately obvious. I’ve used a lot of Vitamin C serums in my day, but this one is my favorite. It absorbs instantly. It doesn’t make my skin oily or break out. And it doesn’t have “that smell.” You know the one. Also, I notice a difference in my skintone when I use this, which I appreciate more than I can ever tell you.




Creme de la Creme Eye Revitalizing Treatment

I don’t what’s in this exactly (actually, the website tells you all the ingredients), but it’s a miracle worker. It’s kinda like an eye suck eraser. I put this stuff on and I instantly feel like I can go places without makeup. My eyes are refreshed and non-crepey. I love, love, LOVE this cream. Also, I hear there’s a new eye product on the market from Pure Parisians that tightens. TIGHTENS. There can never be enough tightening in my life.

I will buy this immediately.




Theresa Rose Jewelry

If you’re looking for affordable, unique, cool, wear-it-everyday jewelry, I insist you head over to this Etsy site right now. Go ahead, leave me. It’s OK. I adore this shop for necklaces and earrings I can wear to jazz up my mom uniform, my girl’s night out outfit, my date ensemble. I hear Theresa’s jewelry also looks good on naked people.




The Reliable Wife is my book club pick this month. Although I haven’t finished it yet, I am adoring the writing style. The plot is absorbing, the characters interesting, and the promise of booky goodness to come is enticing. I’ll let you know how it was when I’m done with it, but for now, I’m rating this a “must-read.”



I love this guy’s frickin’ site. I like the way he writes, I like what he says, I like his music picks. I’ve discovered tons of new music by reading his write-ups. Every day he picks another song to review, AND includes the song to sample. The link I shared above is his “Best of 2009″ post. It’s a must-listen if you like discovering new artists and songs (and old artists and songs you may have missed).


So there you go! I hope you take the time to enjoy the above in a non-vibratory fashion, as I have.




Nah. On second thought, keep the vibratory parts to yourself.


*I don’t know. Sometimes I just write and hope it makes sense in the end.


8 Responses to “Stuff I Like”

  1. Stuy Parker says:

    OMG Thanks for the link love! :)

  2. Mo says:

    I have to say that none of those are particularly my cup of tea. Well, apart from the necklace that is…

  3. Bejewell says:

    Know what I like? You. I like you.

  4. Stefanie says:

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. That jewelry. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Vixen says:

    I am going to buy that skin care stuff right NOW! I have never found anything that doesn’t make my already oily skin more oily. I am so excited now. And a book suggestion. I can never have enough book suggestions.

  6. I just ordered the book. I always always love your book recommendations. The other stuff looks cool too, and I will check it out. Because you said so.

  7. Thank you! I’m always interested in what other people are digging on. Particularly books and skin care. I have the same wrinkled, oily, zitty skin :( I’ve tried so many products, but have somehow never tried a Vitamin C cream. I’m going to try this!

    I LOVED “A Reliable Wife” It is an excellent read.

  8. I’ve seen that book around. But now that YOU’RE reading it …

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