1. I lied. I will tell you: I was on San Diego Channel 6‘s Saturday morning news. There is no link though, thank the Lord in His starry heaven above.

2. The “Lia Sophia jewelry rep lady” is Elizabeth (link here).

3. I never actually said the names of the products I demo’d (that’s bad, right?) So please see below for the links to the products. There were some good ones. Plus, I’ve giving one or two of them away.


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  1. You picked the perfect color blue–your eyes look amazing!

  2. You rocked it. And your profile was just fine!

  3. My husband and I were on the Early Show once. When we were prepping to get on I was completely cool and calm and he was a mess. Well, once we went live it was like I was a deer caught in the headlights and he was suddenly Tom Hanks. I stammered and looked at the wrong camera. I was very stiff and it was like I was reading from cue cards. My husband was relaxed and natural and funny! Nothing at all like he is in real life :)

  4. When you have your talk show out of development and on the network schedule next week, will you please have your people schedule Adam Lambert as your first guest where Adam Lambert as your first guest equals he takes me out to dinner? Thanks.

  5. You were fantastic! You did not appear to be nervous at all. You spoke very calmly and slowly–which is not what nervous people do! You did a great job describing the products and even though my kids are no longer in that age group, I remember thinking how much they would have enjoyed or gotten use out of those items when they were younger. That means you sold me and I am not the target demo!

    I am sorry you were so hard on yourself. That is the part that bums me out. I hate that we are conditioned to tear ourselves from limb to limb when really we should be celebrating a job very well done. It is not easy to go on TV and talk for a limited amount of time, on a very specific topic. If it were, everyone would be doing it! They aren’t. You did. And you did it very well. Kudos!

  6. kate says:

    jackie. o.

    cheri was right about your necklace.

  7. Stephanie says:

    They should’ve helped you out, prompted & such :(

    Hair & makeup room. Hee :)

    I would bet that a woman invented nose hair clippers, tired of looking at her husband’s nasal jungle.

    I dream of the day you’ll hold up one of my products and say that it grew on you.

  8. Maryam says:

    I saw you on TV and thought you did great!
    Was checking your blog out… I like it! I am just like you when it comes to hating my profile and having a bad side as well as a bad bad side!! LOL… when I heard you say that I could not stop laughing!
    I love the Plate Mate… so keep me in mind when choosing who to send one too :)))
    Also… I have an invention and am looking for a manufacturing company here or abroad. It is a small plastic, battery operated “thing” so if you or anyone of your subscribers could help me out I would REALLY appreciate it! I seem to be stuck on this initial part… HELP!

    Keep up the great work!
    PS: Cute kids!!
    Hannah and Camron’s Mom!

  9. Mama Mary says:

    You look gorge!!! Can you send me the link, I know one exists. xo

  10. You looked great and you did just fine!

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