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Special Appearance (UPDATED)

March 5th, 2010

Mama Mary won the stuffed pig treasure chest and We Sit by Fire? You won the MyPlate-Mate! Congrats! You wanna email me your addresses? Or shall we arrange a pickup day?


You remember that TV thing, right? As in, I’m going to be on it?


I’ve got my Secret Extra Strength ready to roll and a six-pack of Tums in my pocket, in case I over-perspire or throw up on camera. Thanks for your helpful tips. I especially appreciate the reminders to be myself…just not sure which self to be. There are so many of us. Hopefully I’ll figure it out by tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be the librarian whose a real firecracker in the sack.


Meanwhile, I thought I’d share the items I’ll be demo’ing. If you’d like, you can learn more about them by clicking the links below. I’ll be giving away the first two dealie-bobs (Treasure Chest Pets and MyPlate-Mate), so if you’d like to win, just leave me a comment with what you’d prefer and be sure to include your email! I’ll randomly pick two people to win on Wednesday, March 9.




Treasure Chest Pets are stuffed animal organizers that are a great way for kids to keep their special things safe. Each TC Pet has a magnetic, detachable, pillowy stuffed animal head and stuffed animal body with external and internal compartments for organizing and storing children’s treasures. I am showing the Accessory Chest Pig, which has a hidden drawer and two secret pockets on the outside, along with hidey pockets in both ears.




MyPlate-Mate is a spill-guard for toddlers that attaches to the rim of any standard plate. In a nutshell, it creates a bumper to prevent food from falling off the plate while a child eats. Also, the Plate-Mate’s curved wall helps kids easily scoop food onto their fork, spoon, finger. The Plate-Mate has no lead, phthalates, bisphenol-a, polycarbonates or PVC. Plus! It’s dishwasher-safe.




The BumpyName is a line of elastic rubber labels that are personalized, non-adhesive, reusable and come in a variety of colors. BumpyName’s stretchy design allows it to snugly fit around containers, from baby bottles to sippy cups to snack containers. These suckers are heavy duty and can withstand the rigors of repeated dishwashing, microwaving, boiling and sterilizing.


So there you go. Now be honest, who took bets on whether or not I’d accidentally smell my pits during the interview?


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On March 5th, 2010, Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said:

May I please have that black and white cow treasure chest? Thanks.

Oh, and smell your pits before the interview. You can pass and/or slightly wet yourself during the interview. Nobody will see that.

On March 5th, 2010, Laura Lee said:

OH! Good luck! I can wait to see it!
I want that plate mate thing. What a FANTASTIC Idea-r.

On March 6th, 2010, Noël said:

My daughter would love to win the Bear Treasure Chest. She loved the design and said she would put jewelry or hair clips in the treasure chest. What channel?! Looking for it now… Good Luck!

On March 6th, 2010, Mama Mary said:

I, I mean Lily & Lexi, want the treasure chest thingy. Too cute! Can’t wait to watch your segment, is it available on line so I can watch it over and over again? xoxo

On March 6th, 2010, Stephanie said:

Treasure Chest Pets and MyPlate-Mate both sound like products I’d sell ;)

I think Zoe would love a Treasure Chest Pet. She’s all about animals and now she’s starting to want more privacy w/ her stuff. These look adorable. How big are they?

On March 6th, 2010, San Diego Momma » Blog Archive » P.S. said:

[…] I never actually said the names of the products I demo’d (that’s bad, right?) So please see below for the links to the products. There were some good ones. Plus, I’ve giving one or two of them […]

On March 7th, 2010, Trish said:

Deb I just watched your segment. You were GREAT! Smooth, Poised. Not at all nervous on the outside. Well Done Momma.

Treasure chest pets would work for boys and Legos too right? That’s what we would like to win so I can stop stepping on them in the morning.

On March 8th, 2010, green girl in Wisconsin said:

Stuffed animals with detachable heads? GENIUS! Only my kids would love them for all the wrong reasons…

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