I’ll Be Back! (Hold Me To It)

Hi my friends! I haven’t been around, I know. But just so you know, I talk to you every day in my head. We share meandering stories, randomedies, and nutty anecdotes. Oh yes we do. There was the alopecia thing and the coupon debacle and the Starbucks affair (still) and so many other tales. As it happens, we laugh heartily together. But it’s a little bittersweet because I miss you so. All these stories. Nary the time.


Today, I knew I had it bad when I produced, directed and starred in an entire fake “veelog” telling you what I bought at the thrift store today. I went on for at least 17-and-a-half minutes. Talking to you. Only to you. Always to you.


What I guess I’m trying to say is that I’ve been neglectful and busy. Taking a walk on the sucky side. I’ve written you posts — like how I’m losing my mind, forgot to take my medication for three days (I don’t think I need it anymore.) (Psych!), and got my hair cut after I insisted to my hair stylist she make it “more blonde,” and give me “Gidget bangs,” but haven’t published them. You know, just because.




{{Clears throat.}}


So to sum up.


Here’s what I bought at the thrift store today.


(I sauced up the boring pics a bit with some vamptardy expressions. Because you deserve no less.)




OK look. First of all, I know, Unfocused. Second of all, I’m not gonna wear these two things together in real life because Vons bagger girl(not that there’s anything wrong with that).


Maybe you want to see the cool button detail on the skirt? In the meantime, ignore the belly button. And the belly.




Can’t quite see the buttons?


Here you go.




I left the thrift store tag on for authenticity.


Still not seeing the buttons?

Gosh you people!




Here’s a sweater.




From the side it looks like a butterfly.




Here’s a purse.




Also and in addition, you know how there’s all this talk of shrunken black blazers being the thing de la bling thing this season?


I didn’t either.


But I figured I should get one. And because I do stuff kinda haphazardly and half-assedly, I bought this boys blazer, size 12, and hoped it would pass for something cool.




But since it’s Van Heusen and 8 sizes too small and something a second-grader might wear to his first communion, I am probably wrong about that.




I kinda pictured the blazer more with a flowy dress deal and cowboy boots. And chandelier earrings.


Yes Virginia, my style can sometimes be like that of my personality.




(A weird puzzle.)




(I made that last part up.)


Someone stop me.


To conclude, I bought the black button skirt, white blouse, purple butterfly sweater, black purse, and boy’s blazer for $14.98. At the Poway Salvation Army.


Not so shabby, right?


(Or is it?)


(Do I look like a hobo?)


Please know that I will be back with better content soon. And I’ll start with my inferiority complex and why I think the neighbors don’t like me.


Fun, fun, fun!


P.S. My friend Stacey at San Diego Bargain Mama is putting on an under-$50 outfit challenge you might want to check out. By the way, Stacey’s website lists great deals throughout San Diego County on everything from window treatments to bear rugs. (I possibly made up that last part.)


23 Responses to “I’ll Be Back! (Hold Me To It)”

  1. Blognut says:

    Awesome! I love all of it. And those faces you’re making? They’re awesome, too.

    What? You weren’t doing that on purpose?

  2. Suzanne says:

    My favorite is the shrunken black blazer, really, it looks great on you!

    I can relate to the here – not here feeling. Last week there must have been something in the atmosphere, or the planets were off….it was a battle to get out of bed every day until the heavens parted on Saturday and suddenly I felt better…checked with two friends who had had a similar experience.

  3. It’s a good thing I love you so much or I might be annoyed at how adorable you looked decked out in under $15 worth of clothes. Seriously cute. Especially the blazer.

  4. Clothes? What clothes? I’m too busy coveting your breasts and glasses. Also? You are current on your mammogram, right? Because if not, I’ll take your breasts. And you’re current on your eye exam, right? Because I think you need new glasses, and I I’ll take those old ones.

    That is all.

  5. tinsenpup says:

    I do that head blogging thing too! Lucky, because it’s about the only blogging I do do. Still, the voices in my head seem to enjoy it. Also, I like the butterfly sweater. I want one.

  6. How fun – I love it! I heard Boyfriend Jackets are in this season too, but I haven’t had a chance to get out shopping yet.

  7. Nice shrunken blazer! On you, fabulous.
    On me? It would look like I mugged an eight year old on his way to church.

  8. Theresa says:

    so hard
    (I have bronchidis)

    PS The sweater is VERY Japanese

  9. You so funny.

    Blue sweater? Great color with your eyes. Bag?! Can’t ever be too big or big enough. You done good.

    I spent mid-day yesterday at the consignment shop + I also have not had time for any blogging = I may need to steal your idea.

    But I was buying back-to-work clothes…I did get one cute outfit, including an argyle sweater that actually makes me look like I have breasts, so that might be a winner!

  10. stoneskin says:

    I’m with Cheri, admiring your glasses.

    “We share meandering stories, randomedies, and nutty anecdotes. Oh yes we do”

    Really? When? How? “randomedies”? You know I miss the good ol’ days.

  11. Kizz says:

    Jeez Louise, you’re good at the thrifty shopping. I never know what to buy and on the rare occasion I figure it out I can never find it when I go looking. Good shopping, good shopping!

  12. Danielle says:

    That’s some good loot!! I love the thrift store. I should really go more often, but I like to shop thrift stores with a buddy and my favorite thrifty buddy is back in TN…I guess I could always just go by myself but it’s just not as fun.

  13. I’m impressed with your thrift shopping skills.

  14. I kept being distracted by your dimples. But your new clothes ARE cute.

  15. Da Goddess says:

    If you need to exchange blazers, LD has one that’s a little too long in the arms and big in the shoulders. Seriously, I think you could swap and you’d both be in the right jacket.

    Also, did you go to the drive-thru Starbucks here in town? Did you go to one of the 47 thrift stores here? Tell me you have. Especially the one run by the Indian lady because she cracks me up to no end. I totally want to go there with you one day after we’ve had a drink. It’d be hours of fun. Oh, and the shop next door to that with the older man…he has some stories!

    By the way, love the skirt!

  16. Mama Mary says:

    I’m in love with the blue sweater and the purse! And your kooky expressions too!

  17. Michelle Nickel says:

    Hey sassy, you are way too hot to be a momma. Love the skirt and your jeans are just too cute.
    Saturday was sad without you, we’ll have to try again.

  18. Stacey says:

    Delightful Deb’s Deals!!! You look cute in anything! lol

    Here are the results from the Fashion Under Fifty Contest http://ow.ly/q4Qh Recognize the headless mama with the short li’l black dress?

  19. Cranny says:

    How did you get my skirt??

  20. SeaBird says:

    Ha! This whole post made me laugh… and FYI, I also talk to the internet in my head ALL DAY LONG. Is that normal?

  21. aaryn b. says:

    Girl: I have a shirt almost exactly like that from H&M that cost triple what you probably paid for yours. The skirt? Have that too, from Banana, only it cost probably quadruple what you paid for yours. And the blazer? I ain’t got dat and I would never *think* to buy the boys size 12 Van Heuswhatever, but it looks fanTAStic. You have got some mad skillz, woman. Mad Skillz.

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