PROMPTUESDAY #72: Yeah I Know It’s Wednesday, Smartass.

Here is today’s prompt, courtesy of She, who had the idea, and Toots, from whose fertile imagination the words sprang.


(A sweltering Toots told me the other day she wished “hot” had never been invented.) (More head-scratchingly, after The Rock told her he didn’t feel like going to work, she helpfully suggested he “kill himself” so he wouldn’t have to.)

(We had a talk about that.)

(So then she suggested he just put himself into a coma.)

(We had a talk about that, too.)

(We have lots of talks.)


Here’s the PROMPT:


Craft a story or poem using the words penned by Toots here:*




*Can you read the words? They are “Money,” “Folder,” “Folder,” “Pet,” “Ice,” “Stick.” Please note that “folder” is used twice, and that points will be deducted if it’s not used twice in your submission. Lots of points. Pointy points with lots of points on them.


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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5 thoughts on “PROMPTUESDAY #72: Yeah I Know It’s Wednesday, Smartass.”

  1. “We need folders,” her boss bellowed from the back office.

    Folders? Where am I supposed to get the money for those, she wondered. The business was on the verge of going belly-up and stocking up on office supplies was the least of their worries.

    She poured the last of the coffee over ice – a sad substitute for an iced coffee – and pondered how long she’d be able to stick it out before having to find another job. Any job would be an improvement, but would it pay enough to support her pet project?

  2. After the money was gone from my folder, I tried to remember who was around me at the time I was looking in the folder at it.
    I looked around the room, giving my cold ice stare, wonder who would really stick it to me.
    It was that ugly girl, you know, the girl who looked like my beloved pet pig from when I was ten.
    I never had a pet pig. Nor do I have any money in a folder, under ice, or stuck with a stick. I do however, have an empty folder.

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