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I’ll Be Back! (Hold Me To It)

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Hi my friends! I haven’t been around, I know. But just so you know, I talk to you every day in my head. We share meandering stories, randomedies, and nutty anecdotes. Oh yes we do. There was the alopecia thing and the coupon debacle and the Starbucks affair (still) and so many other tales. As it happens, we laugh heartily together. But it’s a little bittersweet because I miss you so. All these stories. Nary the time.


Today, I knew I had it bad when I produced, directed and starred in an entire fake “veelog” telling you what I bought at the thrift store today. I went on for at least 17-and-a-half minutes. Talking to you. Only to you. Always to you.


What I guess I’m trying to say is that I’ve been neglectful and busy. Taking a walk on the sucky side. I’ve written you posts — like how I’m losing my mind, forgot to take my medication for three days (I don’t think I need it anymore.) (Psych!), and got my hair cut after I insisted to my hair stylist she make it “more blonde,” and give me “Gidget bangs,” but haven’t published them. You know, just because.




{{Clears throat.}}


So to sum up.


Here’s what I bought at the thrift store today.


(I sauced up the boring pics a bit with some vamptardy expressions. Because you deserve no less.)




OK look. First of all, I know, Unfocused. Second of all, I’m not gonna wear these two things together in real life because Vons bagger girl(not that there’s anything wrong with that).


Maybe you want to see the cool button detail on the skirt? In the meantime, ignore the belly button. And the belly.




Can’t quite see the buttons?


Here you go.




I left the thrift store tag on for authenticity.


Still not seeing the buttons?

Gosh you people!




Here’s a sweater.




From the side it looks like a butterfly.




Here’s a purse.




Also and in addition, you know how there’s all this talk of shrunken black blazers being the thing de la bling thing this season?


I didn’t either.


But I figured I should get one. And because I do stuff kinda haphazardly and half-assedly, I bought this boys blazer, size 12, and hoped it would pass for something cool.




But since it’s Van Heusen and 8 sizes too small and something a second-grader might wear to his first communion, I am probably wrong about that.




I kinda pictured the blazer more with a flowy dress deal and cowboy boots. And chandelier earrings.


Yes Virginia, my style can sometimes be like that of my personality.




(A weird puzzle.)




(I made that last part up.)


Someone stop me.


To conclude, I bought the black button skirt, white blouse, purple butterfly sweater, black purse, and boy’s blazer for $14.98. At the Poway Salvation Army.


Not so shabby, right?


(Or is it?)


(Do I look like a hobo?)


Please know that I will be back with better content soon. And I’ll start with my inferiority complex and why I think the neighbors don’t like me.


Fun, fun, fun!


P.S. My friend Stacey at San Diego Bargain Mama is putting on an under-$50 outfit challenge you might want to check out. By the way, Stacey’s website lists great deals throughout San Diego County on everything from window treatments to bear rugs. (I possibly made up that last part.)


Coats Aplenty, Coats Galore

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008



So these two jackets from the Goodwill?


Awesome. I mean. Just. Awesome.


I get this floaty feeling inside when I think of them, and when I wear them and when I consider that combined, they cost me $15. The black trench shown above is Old Navy and I bought it NEW for $5.99. The fabulosity that is further below is Banana Republic and was $8.99.


My lame super model pose.

What? No. I’m too old.

Really? Well, how do you sign up?

OK. I’ll look into it. So is Top Model spelled “Model?” Or “Modal?” I forget. I’m more beauty than brains.


Also, do you see that multi-tiered silver bracelet? Yep. Also Goodwill. $3.99. And perhaps you see the brown twist-knot top by Ann Taylor? Also $3.99.


And then, and then, and then…check THIS out!




Saucy, tangy, and zesty.

And, it’s Banana Republic! And it was NEW! And I just am beside myself with good fortune and tidings.


So anyway. Bye. For now. I’ve got fabulous places to go. I think my daughter’s preschool is having an open house tomorrow. And after that: maybe the car wash.


Under $30!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008



Can you see this OK? I simply must take fashion photography to better capture the kick assedness of my thrift store finds. But meanwhile, let me break it down for you: we’ve got one 100% silk, Banana Republic, peacock green, visually arresting top, paired with dress khakis sporting cream, black and tan pinstripes, topped off with a multi-layer necklace and bronze J. Crew goddess-esque raffia-heeled wrap sandals.


For $30! My last cocktail cost more! (Just kidding, Rock.)


But wait. I haven’t been completely honest with you. The necklace was a gift. So I don’t know how much that was, but I’ll ask her. I’m sure she’d be delighted to tell me. However, in the meantime, perhaps you’d like to gaze a bit longer at my Goodwill concoction?


I thought so.


Oh, and here’s a close-up of the sandals:
Don’t they just radiate happy footsy goodness?


Oh man , oh man. I’m getting hot under the collar just thinking about them.
And I tell you, if my collar’s hot, it’s cause I’m wearing that top above! Owchiwawa. (Does that sound like a breed of dog?)


And Goodwill To All

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

I have to show you something.


Ain’t it grand? Trust me. In person, this purse is life-changing. Maybe it looks too patent-leathery here. Too shiny. Too black? Not enough white? Not so in real life. It’s perfection. And here’s the kicker: it was $9.99! I love Goodwill (is it Good Will? It should be.) I’ve wanted to talk about this for some time on my other blog — the one that shall go unnamed — but never have, because I haven’t wanted to let the secret out. Because then, I’ll have to share my spoils. But it’s Christmas. So, here goes: the Goodwill in Point Loma, California has changed my life. I now am able to buy the camel-colored short corduroy jacket I thought was too frivolous at full retail price. Black Nine West stilettos? In the bag. So too the Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. At $1.29, I trust they are fakes, but the DG insignia on the frames won’t tarnish for a good month, which is way longer than I’ve managed to hold onto sunglasses anyway. Soon, I will post a photo montage of my greatest Goodwill hits, but for now, my hands are too busy caressing the supple pursey goodness of my new handbag. I feel renewed and refreshed. Anything is possible with this bag. Seriously, I feel my vigor restored, my digestion aided, my headache gone. Time to find my husband. I love Goodwill!