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Kitchen Sink

Coats Aplenty, Coats Galore

March 2nd, 2008



So these two jackets from the Goodwill?


Awesome. I mean. Just. Awesome.


I get this floaty feeling inside when I think of them, and when I wear them and when I consider that combined, they cost me $15. The black trench shown above is Old Navy and I bought it NEW for $5.99. The fabulosity that is further below is Banana Republic and was $8.99.


My lame super model pose.

What? No. I’m too old.

Really? Well, how do you sign up?

OK. I’ll look into it. So is Top Model spelled “Model?” Or “Modal?” I forget. I’m more beauty than brains.


Also, do you see that multi-tiered silver bracelet? Yep. Also Goodwill. $3.99. And perhaps you see the brown twist-knot top by Ann Taylor? Also $3.99.


And then, and then, and then…check THIS out!




Saucy, tangy, and zesty.

And, it’s Banana Republic! And it was NEW! And I just am beside myself with good fortune and tidings.


So anyway. Bye. For now. I’ve got fabulous places to go. I think my daughter’s preschool is having an open house tomorrow. And after that: maybe the car wash.


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