Invasion of the Post Snatchers

Here’s a list of posts by bloggers who participated in the mind-blowingly confusing blog carnival I wrote about last week:


Blognut wrote a pitch for a television series.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! wrote a post describing a typical day in the life of her alternate self in a parallel universe.


G wrote about her favorite movie and why she loves it.


MommyTime wrote a post on her most embarrassing sports moment.


Stoneskin wrote a post about Elvis, a pink dressing gown, Election Day 2012 and Madison Square Garden in NYC (WHOOO!).


She wrote about her favorite city.


Katydidnot wrote about a day in her life if she were an animal.


Amanda wrote about wrote about the worst decision she thinks she’s made in her life and why — and her best decision.


Cactus Petunia wrote about a little thing that made her proud


San Diego Momma wrote about an unsuccessful high school outfit


Who’s Next?


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