My Awesome Things Series

I’ve long wanted to poll my favorite people and ask them about stuff they like (I apologize for clunky writing. Still a bit under the weather and all.) And then I wanted to post their answers for everyone because you might see something new and cool to try.


So today, I’m starting the “My Awesome Things” week with my frienployer, Glynn. As background, Glynn and I worked together some years ago at a San Diego non-profit, and I instantly liked her. Because when I would go on and on and on about something, she’d just smile serenely and listen quietly. Then, when I vented about this or that, she’d nod sagely and listen quietly. When I began to roil and rail about who knows what and which, she’d sigh tolerably and listen quietly. And then, she’d say something serene and sage and tolerable that set me back on my heels and made me think. She is easily the most non-judgmental person I know. Plus, she’s a Buddhist and so that should explain a lot.


Anyway, I now copywrite for Glynn’s company, Table by the Window, and it’s a wonder she keeps me around. But thankfully she does. I’ve always sought her advice and companionship and now I seek her “Awesome Things” list and share it with you.


Tomorrow, “My Awesome Things” will be the PROMPTuesday topic, so everyone can play (I’ll get back to the more creative prompts next week, promise), but meanwhile, please enjoy Glynn’s list! (And remind me to tell you how she got her name sometime.)


Oh! And if you’d like to submit a “My Awesome Things” list for publication this week, e-mail me. I’ve got one or two spots left!


Meanwhile…take it away Glynn! (And thanks.)


    As a checklist addict, I’ve tried many programs to manage my tasks but
    there was always a feature or two missing. This service somehow
    figured out how to offer every possible feature in an easy-to-use
    format. There’s even an iPhone app.



    Small business owners will appreciate the time-savings that comes with
    using this online invoicing and time-tracking service. Surprisingly
    easy to set-up and affordable.



    If you’ve run out of gift ideas, especially for people who seem to
    have everything, SkyMall has some very creative options. You may find
    yourself clicking through their online catalog more often than you’d



    A free daily email with clever write-ups for style mavericks and
    social adventurers in 12 US cities.


  • Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market –

    California, Arizona and Nevada are the test markets for this new
    concept from the UK. City-dwellers and suburbanites can return to the
    days before our only choice for dinner was buying groceries in bulk or
    hitting the drive-thru. To really appreciate Fresh & Easy, go in with
    2 rowdy children and no idea what to cook for dinner. You’ll be
    amazed when you leave with a homemade meal that you can prep in 10
    minutes, fresh flowers and stickers that the nice staff gave to pacify
    your kids.


  • Google Calendar (& the whole Google Apps suite while I’m at it)

    Sure, this started out as a useful and practical service for my
    business that was amazingly free. But families can be so busy, so my
    husband and I use Google Cal to keep track of each other’s schedules
    too. If your spouse or partner resists the time required of
    calendaring, let them know you can also add public calendars offered
    by organizations like NFL teams, DisneyLink, Solar-Lunar, and check it
    out… you can even add your Remember the Milk calendar!


  • Restaurants in San Diego –
    Marketplace Grille (locations in La Jolla, Sorrento Mesa and
    Clairemont Mesa)

    Order the “Tony Special” named after one of the
    owners, with grilled salmon on a bed of mediterranean veggies.
    Healthy and flavorful, many customers swear by this meal to help them
    slim down.


  • Coyote Cafe in Old Town

    Chocolate tortillas made fresh while you wait, need I say more?


  • Restaurants in Las Vegas –
    Origin India

    The best Indian food you’ll ever have in your life.


  • Evos

    “Feel Great Fast Food” is their slogan. With locations in
    California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina, this company
    has its mind in the right place. But even if you don’t care about
    sustainability or nutritional value, the food will make you a believer.


  • Polka Dot Riesling

    Keep a couple of bottles of this at home: 1 for you and one for your
    next guest to fall in love with. You’ll thank me and they’ll thank
    you. For wine lovers, it’s a medium sweet with interesting flavors
    that will appeal to most any wine drinker. The coolest part is the
    price – under $10 at most stores.


7 Responses to “My Awesome Things Series”

  1. Steph says:

    I’m with her on the Google apps thing. Bill says I should get Google’s logo tattoo’d on my tush because of my deep and abiding love for their stuff. :grin:

    The first thing I put on my iPhone? A link to my Google calendar. Heh.

  2. stoneskin says:

    Polka Dot Riesling? I think I would be mocked if I bought that!

  3. She says:

    My favorite thing of late is my “Mood Alert” tablet. You can see it on my blog on an entry from last week. I fill one out a few times a day, and no matter how down I feel, the damn thing cracks me up! I send them down the hall to teacher friends and include a blank one for them to send back to me. It adds a lot of joy to my days!

  4. I already know I’m going to be all over!

  5. Jen Harris says:

    We love Freshbooks too! Even though they have their own time tracking tool and that is what we specialize in, they offered TSheets to their customers and we did the same.

  6. SeaBird says:

    “Chocolate tortillas made fresh while you wait, need I say more? ”

    Ummm… no. I’m booking a plane ticket right now.

  7. Oh – rememberthemilk – I already loved you. Now I really Really love you. Thanks for the tip! (and I can’t wait to return to S.D. to try those restaurants!)

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