There’s all kinds of things wrong here today. There’s the urinary tract infection, and the sinus infection, and the barf infection. The barf infection is particularly loathsome and detrimental to my person. And I’m not even barfing yet.


I meant to write muchly today, and as I made my way to the shower, I couldn’t wait to get out and pen my thoughts, they were so incisive and wondrous. And as I got dressed, I hurried through the buttons because my thoughts threatened to burst. I fidgeted happily as I drove the kids to their respective destinations and meant to write something genius the second I got home, but my window for feeling refreshed (9-10AM) closed, and now here I am, wordless, with my cadre of infections.


So I guess I’ll just go pee blood and wait to barf.


(I wish I could post more than two posts on a page, or get my “Previous Entries” to work so there was more to my blog today than infectious waste and maniac wildlife. Please accept my apologies. But wear gloves.)


p.s. What I wanted to write was something like this, because there’s a high wind warning in San Diego through the weekend and I love this town when the wind blows…


17 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Bless your heart (and your stomach, nose, and, ummm… ladybits). Can I just say, though, that even when you feel like crap and have no wondrous thought, you’re still TOTALLY worth reading! :) Feel better!!!

  2. Feel better soon! And you are funny even when you feel like crapola — that’s a real gift! One you must treasure because we all do!

    Sending a big ole hug! (wearing a face mask and gloves, of course!)

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