I Need A Dristan Drip…And A Cribbie

So I learned how to post videos to Vimeo. You fortunate people. So now you get to hear Toots read a bedtime story! May its soft melodious nonsense soothe you to a sweet slumber.


Also, be ye warned: I sound mannish, and say chaste things like “Speak slower so God can hear you.” Because sometimes he turns off his omniscience. I guess.


You should also know that this video snippet represents my sixth attempt of the night to get the kids to bed, so I’m really trying to hustle them along while they ignore me in spite of my many false and empty threats and gentle, but bordering on hysterical prodding. It was even harder to insist they go to sleep when I knew I’d miss the rest of Toots’ story. I was right at the part where everything gets disastery.


Finally, I guess you should know that I’m posting this because I’ve got blogging block. Maybe I should have Toots write my next post. Hope you like blood and maniacal lions!


Where I Get All High ‘n Mighty from SanDiegoMomma on Vimeo.


11 Responses to “I Need A Dristan Drip…And A Cribbie”

  1. vodkamom says:

    OMG!!!!! She is to DIE for.

    Love, love, love this.
    you’re obviously a great, great mommy.

  2. stoneskin says:

    I would love to hear Toots blog – maybe you could her some juicy subjects to comment on, like God or Healthy Diets or “boys and bikes”

  3. Green Girl says:

    They are too cute–and you do NOT sound mannish!!!!

  4. Danielle says:

    That was awesome. She is hilarious.

  5. robyn says:

    Deb, your girls are sooooo cute! Thanks for letting us see a bit of your happy family life. :)

  6. Debrah says:

    When did you marry Michael Stipe?

  7. she says:

    I’m so glad you told me we can’t use potty words while praying! I did. not. know. that! I think that may be why God hasn’t heard me lately!

    And could they be any cuter! Nope. They are adorable. I love how the little one was so still and attentive while her big sister told stories. Priceless!

    This made my night brighter!

  8. feathermaye says:

    I love how li’l sis is totally enraptured by Toots. I mean, completely. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

  9. Da Goddess says:

    Can I get Toots to read me a story every night? Please? PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!

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