PROMPTuesday #38: My Awesome Things

So obviously, I’ve veered from my typical PROMPTs these past two weeks. But that’s all part of being creative, right? Departing from the norm? Mixing it up? Puttin’ on the ritz? (I don’t analyze this stuff, folks, I just blog past my bedtime and hope it all makes sense in the morning.)


Either way, this week’s PROMPTuesday asks that you post about your favorite — or “most awesome” things. What do you love? What can’t you live without? What do you like to watch on TV? What are your favorite websites? What do you use on your hair? (This last one is a requirement.)


Address this PROMPT any way you like. Being open for interpretation is my bag, babies. Ideally, my aim is to post about things that others might like to check out or use themselves, but if you want to name your significant other as “your most awesome thing,” more power to you. Hopefully, none of us will want to check out or use him/her ourselves. But hey, you knew the risks.


On a more normal note, I really admire and love yutes guys. And I want to know what you like. Because I want to copy you and ultimately move in to your place and wear my hair like yours. Also, I’d like to know where you keep your stilettos. But all in due time, all in due time.


Meanwhile, here are some of my “Awesome Things.”


  • Absolute Write

    I joined the Absolute Write Forums in October 2006, and immersed myself in them. Since then, I’ve had to step away because addictive personality and all, but it remains a wonderful resource. Absolute Write answers absolutely any question you’ve ever had about publishing your writing. The forums also allow you to post writing snippets for critique (by genre), and users share information about agents, query letters, and much, much more.


  • ProDesign is hands down my favorite eyewear collection.



    This designer’s eyeglass frames embody that cool European vibe, and if every pair of glasses I own could be ProDesign, all the better. I also like Fysh Nation, but their website kinda stinks (not easy to navigate or see the frames).


  • Jodphur Tacks

    Do you wear skinny jeans?

    Me either.

    But in my fantasy brain, I get these to hold my jeans in place when I wear tall boots.

    They work, too. Way better than holding your pretend skinny jeans in place with your real husband’s Costco sport sock.


  • Terax Hair Conditioner?
    Why you gotta sound like a video game from 1982? Sounding less faux futuristic-sounding would ramp up sales.



    But I’m no marketing genius, as evidenced by the fact that after a year of operation, I’ve accrued $8.62 in ad sales from this blog. So ignore me. You’re great.

    No, you are! Creamy. Rich. Moisturizing without weighing down. But what’s with the million-dollar price tag? Good thing a little goes a long way. THAT, my ColecoVision friend, is your saving grace.


  • RENO 911 used to scare me. I remember seeing the previews on Comedy Central and thinking the show was a cheap Cops! ripoff. And it is. But like hilarious with a side of hilarious and some hilarious whipped topping with hilarious sprinkles.



    Chocolate hilarious sprinkles.


  • Man Vs. Wild starts a new season tonight (1/12/09) and its rugged star, Bear Grylls, is so manly dreamy you will not know what to do with yourself (or will you?). Bear says stuff like “vit- (with the short “i”) -a-min C” and “glaceer” (for “glacier”) (Mo? Is that pronunciation de rigueur in the U.K.?) and lives on a barge somewhere off the coast of England and hangglode over Everest. Also, he eats goat eyeballs and rotting elephant entrails.

    It’s fascinating, steamy, and repulsive television.

    My cup of pus tea.


  • I Survived is powerful. Three different people share about their brushes with death and it’s raw and disquieting and affecting.

    I love it.


  • Juice Plus is the only supplement I’ve taken where I’ve noticed an appreciable difference in my energy and health.

    The story is that the FDA began to distill whole fruits and vegetables into easily-absorbed powder in the late ’80s, and the pharmaceuticals lobbied to stop production of the resulting supplement, so a private company took over production and Juice Plus was born. Both The Rock and I take it (two veggie capsules and two fruit) daily and it’s made a big impact on our physical wellbeing. Juice Plus is also available for kids, and I plan to start Toots and Booger on the regimen soon. One mom told me that her kids haven’t fallen sick in the eight years since they’ve taken it. I’d like to see for myself if that’s true.


  • Goodwill is one of my favorite places to shop. I buy 75% of my kids’ clothes there (recent purchases include two Naartije sweatshirts, Gymboree top, Converse sneakers with red “rubies” and True Religion kid jeans…all for under $10), and I also buy a lot of my clothes there (the store near me has a raftload of Banana Republic and Old Navy clothes). If you don’t live near a Goodwill, they have an online auction site, where you can bid on items.

  • Parisian’s Pure Indulgence Facial Care

    My 47-year-old friend Carolyn has the most supple skin of anyone I know. And she uses these homemade Pure Indulgence products. So, after a fit of begging Carolyn to hand over everything she’s ever used on her skin, she took pity on me and sent me samples of Kelly Parisian’s products. I love ’em. My favorites are the Vitamin C Serum and Sorbet Alpha-Hydroxy Cream.


    Oh Lord. I have more awesome things. Way more. But I’m going to have to do a Part II, because Bear Grylls is eating a mutant spider/scorpion and he needs me.


    But first, if you’re new here, read a bit about PROMPTuesdays here.


    Or, catch up on the archive here.


22 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #38: My Awesome Things”

  1. kate says:

    i totally thought you meant where you keep your stillettos. like shoes. because mine? don’t fit in the little shoe cubby things i have, because the heels are really high, making the shoe too tall for the cubby. so i was hopeful. and then i clicked, and hello…i haven’t seen that movie, so i do not, at all, understand the reference.

    also? i will go look at the name of my hair stuff and let you know. i think it’s called volume slut hairspray. truly.

    also? i will prompt this week, but i’m feeling fiction-y, so it’ll be about the favorite things of some character somewhere. a character who knows where to keep her stillettos maybe.

  2. vodkamom says:

    I LOVE blogging, and am having WAY too much with it.
    I love reading, but have been slacking in that dept. since blogging.
    I LOVE Lost, Survivor, Deadliest Catch and Project Runway.
    I love to go to the library – and the used book store. It lifts me up for some reason.
    i love to sit with my best friend over drinks and laugh my ass off .

    I love my kids more than life itself. There are still days I want to kill them.

  3. […] have been asked, nay, challenged(!) to share my private awesome thoughts with you. That cunning Deb has dared me to reveal my secrets. I’m totally down with […]

  4. Da Goddess says:

    Oh damn, Kaknockers, I forgot Project Runway and the Project Rungay blog on my list. Fuck a duck!

    Oh well, I’ll leave those off because my list of awesomosity is already pretty damn long.

  5. stoneskin says:

    Pro-design, wow, you are one cool trendy-as momma, that’s for sure.

  6. Danielle says:

    I did this one. It was fun, but I forgot to add Goodwill to my list. I also love the goodwill. I always get excited to find the name brands there. Damn. I also should have added swearing to my list. I swear a lot.

  7. Chris says:

    I LOVE Reno 911 too! It’s one of my favorite shows. The actors are perfectly cast. Perfectly.

  8. Green Girl says:

    You sure are a stylin’ babe. I never even heard of most of these things.

  9. Blognut says:

    I’m not going to get time to do a whole post on this today – maybe I’ll get to it on WTF Wednesday. Anyway, here’s the short answer –

  10. Blognut says:

    I’m not going to get time to do a whole post on this today – maybe I’ll get to it on WTF Wednesday. Anyway, here’s the short answer –

  11. Blognut says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if I actually GAVE it before I hit submit. Shoot me!

    HERE’s the short answer:

    I love running
    I love blogging
    I use Rusk hair products, calming shampoo and conditioner for my course, curly hair that I straighten. I use Rusk THICK spray to further calm my course, curly hair that I straighten. I use Rusk STRAIGHT lotion to calm my course, curly hair that I straighten. I use Rusk SHINE spray to add back in a little shine to my course, curly hair that I straighten. I use Rusk W8less spray to hold my course, curly hair that I straighten in place when I’m finished with all that.

  12. my awesome things:
    my emu boots
    rush cds playing loudly in my car
    clinique black mascara
    nowhere near as artsy/classy/stylish as your list. except for the clinique, but the mascara that i use is about 8yrs old. i know, i need to go on Tyra…

  13. g says:

    Well at first I didn’t think I could do this one, and maybe in fact my post is totally turning it on its head. But I just started thinking about “What can’t you live without,” and the answer to that simple question was pretty clear.

    But you DO learn what I use on my hair.

  14. Me says:

    Hey! We take Juice Plus too!

    My list is up.

  15. I’m counting Laura’s Birthday Lucky Ducky Giveaway as my PROMPTuesday post (even though it is Wednesday and I cheated, no I didn’t, yes I did, no, yes, no).

  16. Ferd says:

    These were great Awesome Things. I feel I know you better. And this was a cool assignment, so I took you up on it! I just posted on a few of my own Awesome Things!

  17. My faves:
    1)Eli Stone, Ugly Betty, Lipstick Jungle, and How I Met Your Mother (two of the four are about tto be cancelled…yuck!)

    2)Thrift stores…anyone know good ones in North County San Diego? Or see a pair of size 5 Naartjie pants? My daughter will only wear her hand me down size three ones.

    3) Really great church music.

    4)Taking hikes at Batiquitos Lagoon or along Carlsbad Blvd with the dog and kids.

    5) My Dodge Grand Caravan.

    6)New York and Company (When I can’t find it at a thrift store)

  18. Oops, Just use barettes and scrunchies. NO time for “product”.

  19. we_be_toys says:

    I have missed doing your prompts, and I still have to miss out this week – I’ve got a 5th grade book club in half an hour – but I’m coming back, I swear!
    At 45 I still have oily skin, still use only a Buf Puff and a bar of Dial soap, and never go out in the sun without a hat or sunglasses. I’m not sure how I’ve managed not to wrinkle – I think it’s the greasy skin.

  20. KristiBug says:

    Help – I keep clicking on ‘Previous Entries’ at the bottom of your homepage and it keeps going to Page2 and Page3 but still listing your last two entries :)

    You are entertaining though so I will go hunt down more of your entries so I can appease my inner lurker.

    Just thought you should know so you can go fixy in WordPress :-)

  21. mommypie says:

    Dude. You said creamy.

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