Look Younger and Improve Your Suppleness Giveaway…IS OVER!



Oh OK, I’ll do it now, but make it official tomorrow. It’s Auds! Which is cool, because I think she is my exact undisclosed age!


“Suppleness” is a disconcerting word that reminds me of those gel nipple shields I wore while breastfeeding, but I thought it’d grab your attention. Because who doesn’t want to be more supple? Other than a jellyfish. And moist. Moist is a gross word. As is creamy. Unfortunately, all the things I’m giving away today are moist and creamy, so looks like I suck at composing effective and inviting giveaway copy.


I have a hard time segueing into these giveaways. It’s weird to just have a post devoted to giving something away. That’s not really my thing. Meandering and schizophrenic posts are more me. I’m a real advertiser’s dream that way. Making it simple to pin down my readership and peg my demographic. What the hell am I talking about here? Advertisers? Ha ha, The Rock! Isn’t that funny? I pretended for a minute that I make money with my blog!


In a nutshell, when I have cool things to share, I feel it’s only right to pass them on, because I know how you’d all enjoy them.


So hopefully Avon will not read this before someone wins, because they might revoke my giveawayer status due to meandering and schizophrenia, which would be crazy discrimination, but I would begrudgingly understand their decision. It’s not like I’m the face of Avon.


Oh hi! Are you here for the giveaway?
It’s for a set of ANEW skincare essentials. A set! Meaning at least four things! And depending on the winner’s age, Avon will send you the regimen of products that’s right for you. If you are close to
my undisclosed age, you will receive the exact same products that I did (ANEW Advanced Retexturizing Peel, ANEW Advanced Wrinkle Corrector, ANEW Eye Lift, and ANEW Instant Face Lift). I try not to read too closely into the fact that many of those products said “wrinkle” and “lift.”


And if you’re bitchy lucky enough to be supple. moist, creamy, and lifted already, then I’m sure Avon’s scientists will be happy to tailor a program more suited to your bitchass skin type.


So to sum up, leave a comment telling me what makes you feel young to win a SET OF AVON ANEW CLINICAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS!


Also, I especially love the retexturizing peel pads. I’m being serious now.


Now I’m not again.


I will select an old a random winner on Monday, December 8 at 5PM. TIME’S UP!


Note: This giveaway is for everyone, including my normal readers (don’t be shy, Steph), my abnormal readers, and strange people I’ve never met before. Also, this giveaway is for you. Yes, you.


28 thoughts on “Look Younger and Improve Your Suppleness Giveaway…IS OVER!

  1. I don’t think I want to be supple and moist…It just feels OOKIE. *lol*

    But I do love free cosmetics!

    Oh oh oh, your comment on my E-bola/E-Coli paint colour still has me in fits of giggles. It really is hideous isn’t it! *lol* BTW, remind me to email you about a fabulous skin care thing I found. But I won’t go into details until your giveaway is over.

  2. I’m afraid I’m close to your undisclosed age. I would need Avon products with those bad bad “wrinkle” and “age” words on them.

  3. I’m REALLY not here for the giveaways, I like you just for YOU. However, I think it’s fun and kind of you to give things away, especially when they’re things to help us feel and look pretty. :)

  4. What makes me feel young is waking up in the morning WELL RESTED and ready to skip down the street to the coffeeshop, on happy legs fairly bursting with supple muscles, smiling all the way and breathing in the fresh air, glad to be alive.

    So I guess, getting a great night’s sleep!

  5. My kids make me feel young when I actually give myself in to playing with them whole-heartedly. (when I’m not just going through the motions)

    Also when I wear my hair up, I feel like a little girl. That’s okay sometimes, since I’m definitely NOT a little girl anymore.

  6. Bill makes me feel young and pretty and sexy. Because he’s rad like that.

    But aside from that, it makes me feel young when the grocery bagger calls me “Miss” instead of “Ma’am.” I tip that guy even though I’m not supposed to.

  7. I feel young when I realize our President Elect is only 6 years older than me, what do I have to show for my life? Oh wait, that’s what makes me feel OLD and useless……

  8. You have been awarded on tinsenpup. Please, please don’t feel you have to do anything with this. It is just an opportunity to let you know that I appreciate your blog.

  9. What maybe should have made me feel young was being in Las Vegas with my son (21) and people thinking we were “together”………sick way to find my youth….but am I old enough to be a a cougar?? I think I qualify to be your abnormal strange person you’ve never met! lol

    Must. Get. Some. Sleep.

  10. You almost lost me at “moist.”

    Know what makes me feel young? Sex without falling asleep. This is in no way an indication of Mac Daddy’s performance. Also, being carded at the liquor store and soaking in the double take of the cashier when he sees my license says 1968. This tells me that I should drink more and have sex more often. Of course, one leads to the other, no?

  11. These days I am feeling old old old – I think having a tween daughter is at the root of it all – but I did feel particularly spry when I almost came to fistacuffs with a woman of a certain (far older than me) age in line at Michaels.

    The way she looked me up and down, the scorn, told me she really thought I was a mere child in her eyes. A nuisance.

    It made me laugh because it’s been a while since I’ve been dismissed quite like that.

    I must not be as old as I feel today.

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  13. I would love to win. And, yeah, I’ll take the regimen for the old and wrinkly. :) Hey, are you really coming to Warwick’s on Tuesday? If you’re there, we definitely have to get a picture for the blogosphere. And sure, we can photoshop our wrinkles out!!

  14. Ok so I’m not all that old (and neither are you…) but I do have some weirdo obession with the bags under my eyes. They are unsightly and ugly and the Eye Lift sounds good to me…

  15. I won’t lie. I came here for the giveaway. I am in sore need of a new skin routine. I was just thinking that some of those wrinkles are starting to become a wee bit too prominent.

    But now that I’m here and I’ve poked around a bit, I’ll be back. You amuse me. And I need some amusement.

  16. I’m probably too late but will say just for the record that supple? yeah. that would be good. Plus, to have products that I could actually read what is in them would be wonderful!!
    what makes me feel young? hmmmm….having some young guy in the store or on the street give me a second look….oh, wait, that’s not “young” that’s “sexy”. oh well.

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