Giveaways Up the Gazoo

I’ve got so many giveaways this week, you can’t even believe it. There’s a complete AVON skincare system, Kookeys (like Webkinz) and Tracksters (like vehicular Webkinz), a photo family storybook (like scrapbooking, but done for you), and well…this isn’t looking so up the gazooey anymore. Just please enter these giveaways. Because nothing is sadder than a gazooless giveaway.


Also, Christmas. And the economy. Plus, free stuff. That’s some kind of good equation that if math didn’t eat my brain, I could figure out for you.


P.s. I will start the giveaways tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Giveaways Up the Gazoo

  1. Oh, Heritage Makers is my FAVORITE! I just ordered $500 worth of their stuff to get me through the next year. I can’t say enough good things about them. I was actually a consultant for about 10 minutes!

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