Giveaway #2: Second in a Series of the Unbearable Awesomeness of Being

NOW CLOSED! Stay tuned for the winner!



Sorry to be obtuse. What I’m trying to say is that I’m glad to be alive! So, let’s celebrate! (You can either wade through all my puffy prose below, or scroll down to the bottom for the giveaway details. I won’t even know you ignored me.)


In other news, I feel it’s only right to tell you that I have no business giving this next cool thing away, because this cool thing I’m about to give away is all about being organized, and I’m genetically predisposed to chaos.


In fact, at the time The Rock and I met, I used to throw all my bills in a coffee table drawer and didn’t look at them again until the bill collectors came knocking. Of course, The Rock knew nothing about this as I lived in Brentwood, CA, and drove a Lexus I’d bought for $12,000 after my Honda Accord was stolen. So what I’m saying is: false advertising.


Then one day, when the coffee table drawer threatened to give, The Rock opened it amidst an explosion of Robinson’s May credit card bills, Macy’s statements, and canceled AMEX cards. For the next several hours, he organized my bills, wrote down my outstanding balances, and came up with a payment plan. I knew then that he was the perfect square to my circle, while he knew he was in for a lifetime of exploding coffee table drawers.


In the time hence, I’ve gotta say…


That I’ve learned nothing.




The above is where I shove all my kid’s artwork, baptismal candles, and locks of hair.


This box holds everything the girls have ever done. There’s even a petrified umbilical cord at the bottom.


I think at this point you should also know that I’m not crafty.


So imagine my pleasure when I came across a website that will be both organized AND crafty for me. As a matter of fact, The Picasso Kid will take your kids’ artwork and preserve it all in a book. So I can go from this:




To this:



Now we’re to the giveaway part.



To enter to win your very own Picasso Kid mini-art book (40 pages of your kids’ art) for FREE, please visit The Picasso Kid, sign up for their mailing list to receive future discount offers, come back HERE to leave me a comment telling me you did so, and you’re done! (Sorry for all the steps. If you’re disorganized like me, that really freaked you out.)


I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday, November 14 at 4PM.


Good luck!


20 thoughts on “Giveaway #2: Second in a Series of the Unbearable Awesomeness of Being”

  1. Very cute Deb, I think you should get some of these books, or we can do some shadowboxes on our next craft day. I am sure this kids will treasure their books too! Miss your face!

  2. First of all, we are SO the same person! Do you think The Rock might be willing to come sort me out? Or does he maybe have a brother-square?

    Second… sorry about that double-comment earlier (MY peeve!). Everything got all stuck and I had to reboot and I didn’t know I’d even posted once, let alone twice.

  3. very cute! I did sign up to get more email:-0 in my overly disorganized email account! being organized is over rated and um… isnt that what the recycling bin is for – kid’s volumes and volumes of artwork that come home? (bad mommy, bad , bad mommy) i will deny all of this;-)

  4. Dodie, you are truly a creative, literary talent – I signed up and
    I hope I win! – is there something that can be done with all the
    homework that builds up? You’ll find out soon – in Kindergarten. Your B-day is coming up!!


  5. OK – done. I’m ready to WIN WIN WIN! And remember, I am suddenly unemployed so if that wins me any sympathy votes, and perhaps causes you to want to relax your moral standards, I’m all for that. :-)

  6. Love, love, LOVE this idea! Now if I could only find a service to manage the “Hamilton Family Chronicles” (ie: photo albums) for me. I SWEAR I will get Brandon’s birth in that book before he starts kindergarten (in SEPT!). Keep on doing your thing, Deb. You are HILARIOUS! Miss Ya! Wen.

  7. Hi Deb,

    I like the Picasso thing-y, great idea. I just signed up. I saw the picts from NY and it looks like you had fun! Happy Birthday!

  8. Ok! I signed up!

    We are kindred spirits. I have a few drawers and a cabinet, too. And I struggle now to keep the bills paid before the phone calls.

  9. Wow! What a great idea…I’m like you…have stashes of papers, art, bills, etc all over the place. It’s not a good thing! I’m totally doing these for the grandparents Christmas gifts. Super rad.

  10. This is GENIUS! I’ve been thinking of trying to do something like this myself, so that I can keep all the great art without having to store it, you know? What a great idea. I signed up for the mailing list.

    Also, as I’m catching up for the last few days, I wanted to let you know that I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope Rebecca’s family can take over their jobs, and I wish you peace with this.

  11. In fourth grade (in the PUSD), the kids get to save artwork and various assignments during the school year and then have everything bound into a real book. They get to go to the bindery and see this happen, too. Maybe you should move up here when the girls start elementary school.

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