The Deets


Congrats to Stef, who won the music giveaway extravaganza. Stef? If you read this, e-mail me!


Meanwhile, there’s one more day for the personalized kid’s art book giveaway, so have at it!


Also! Tomorrow is a brand new giveaway from Moon and Back Studios. You won’t want to miss it.


I’m liking this spreading the birthday love thing.


And finally, I thought I’d share with you some of the family photos I unearthed the other day:




(Someone got a hold of the Evil Dictator Style Guide)




Looks like we all grew up next to a radioactive lake.


(I can hear you from over here.)


14 thoughts on “The Deets

  1. I keep telling my daughter she’s going to look back on pictures taken of her now and think, “What the HELL was I thinking?” She always replies, “But I like my clothes/glasses/shoes/etc. They’re cute!” I say, “Yeah, I thought that, too, way back when.” Then I show her my yearbook photos. After she stops screaming, I say, “See what I mean?”

  2. i won i won! i never win anything! even better, i won MUSIC! okay, that’s my day made. thanks! :) (oh, and definitely beg (or ask) The Rock for a mix CD, i really love those!)

  3. oh dear god, these are hilarious! when i look back into the family picture archives, very seldom do you find staged poses (well the first one looks staged, and the second one is *kinda staged) as my mom would always be the one with the camera taking candid shots.

    i do have a great one (after my parents split up) of my mom, my brother and myself from 1991… socal awesomeness… will have to scan it for you.

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  5. I love these photos! Now you’ve inspired me to go through some of my family photos! And I have to say, it’s uncanny how much you look like your mom. So you should feel her spirit that way. :)

  6. Ohymygod those pictures are SO AWESOME I can’t even STAND IT. The white leisure suit and the look on his face. Classic. I am DYING. I loved you before, but I love you SO MUCH MORE now.

  7. Great pictures! As a product of the same time period I can totally appreciate the transition from traditional to groovy in these! Aren’t you glad they outlawed polyester finally??

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