Words elude, weary of running.


But I will continue to write.


The luster is dim, the veneer chipped and dinged.


But I will continue to write.


I fear what’s next, barriers busted, re-erected.


But I will continue to write.


I avoid the spark, embers cool, then darken.


But I will continue to write.


I thrash, I rail, tumble, concuss.


Still continue to write.


Threaten divorce, gnash, hit, throw.


I will continue to write.


It’s been taken, given, traded, destroyed.


And I’ll continue to write.


Not this time, not this time, not now, not me.


I’ll continue to write.


Wrestling, I’m wrestling, pin in my soul.


So continue to write.


Seen it all, not enough, and what do I know?


I must continue to write.


9 Responses to “Onward”

  1. Kizz says:

    I read somewhere, maybe here, maybe over at John Scalzi’s or Neil Gaiman’s place, maybe elsewhere that the difference between writers and people that want to be writers is that writers write. They just do. They do it a lot and then they keep doing it. That phrase, “they just write” has been kicking the ass of my conscience every time a day passes and I don’t write anything. And yet I’m not just writing.


  2. Jennifer H says:

    You have to keep going. And I agree with Kizz.

    I came across this quote from Augusten Burroughs the other day:

    “The secret to being a writer is that you have to write. It’s not enough to think about writing or to study literature or plan a future life as an author. You really have to lock yourself away, alone, and get to work.”

    Lucky you, that you have talent, too.

  3. I’ve been thinking about what’s been expressed here a lot lately. I need to copy those quotes and tuck them somewhere I’ll see them regularly. I’d like to be less envious of my friends who can write, and are doing so, and actually join them in the process.

    In the meantime, write what you wish. I’ll hope to read it.

  4. we_be_toys says:

    “A writer writes – always” Throw Momma From The Train

    You are deep in it right now, aren’t you? Your post yesterday kind of put me into a funk, and I’m just on the sidelines watching.
    Thinking of you, and hoping the angst will at least yield more gems like this.

  5. Lori says:

    You write and I will read.

    BTW, I’m glad the trip was a success. I’m sorry things haven’t been great since you’ve been back home.

  6. vodkamom says:

    wow. That was really fantastic. Yes, you will write, and YES we will read. loved this.

  7. I think you’ve rubbed off on me. I must write.

  8. Da Goddess says:

    Write! Write! Write! It cures what ails you. And reading it helps us.

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