PROMPTuesday #28: Where I’m From

I think this started as a meme. I’ve read several outstanding versions of it over the last year, and I thought I’d like to offer it as a PROMPTuesday, so…


I am.


This week, tell us who you are, what’s inside, where you’re from. Share your memory fragments, those visions in your head, those figments that make you, you. What bits and pieces formed your whole? Are you whole? Tell us.


The original meme asked for the basic “I am from” format below, so let’s keep it like that. And if you know the person who created this meme in the first place, tell them thanks for me. I think it’s powerful.


I am from fjords and potatoes.


I am from homemade bunny cakes and Lay’s tuna casserole.


I am from wood-paneled station wagons and Helen Reddy 8-tracks.


I am from running in Wisconsin woods and climbing trees, from rolling in grass with sappy fingers.


I am from hiding ’til twilight in cul de sacs and marinas, from Ghosts in the Graveyard, from falling on glass.


I am from tended field and strawberry rhubarb picked for pie.


I am from airplanes and mountain roads, from asphalt and pine.


I am from backyard barbecues, rusty swingsets and muggy August rain.


I am from plaid skirts, bowling trophies and wooden rulers.


I am from metal pie tins, lefse, and spritz.


I am from bawdy women, from silent and tearful women.


I am from pulling fingers for farts.


I am from squeaky bar stools, beer in cans, and Wurlitzer jukeboxes.


I am from a canopy bed in green chiffon.


I am from Styx’s Paradise Theater and Rick Springfield’s Working Class Dog.


I am from Doctor Demento and Svengali. From UHF and antennas.


I am from sailboat races, tobaggons and haunted houses.


I am from onionskin Bibles in gold leaf, corniced Grandfather clocks, and silver dollars saved in musty shoeboxes, for when it rains.


Looking forward to this! Meanwhile, check out the PROMPTuesday archives here.


26 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #28: Where I’m From”

  1. I can’t wait to play this one! It’s brilliant, and so are all the fragments that make you you! It’s beautifully done. You’ve reignited my creativity (I hope).

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  3. next week I will get up BEFORE school, dammit, and post with a link to you. my bad. Here’s my stuff ( I LOVE THIS PROMPT)

    I am stuffed cabbage, polka’s and a baba who loved me, no matter what I did.
    I am from homemade clothes and outrageous Halloween costumes.
    I am from a home of screaming, fighting, laughter and loving.
    I am from neighborhood kickball games, barbie houses and playing in the creek.
    I am from insects collecting and worm hooking.
    I am from Batman, Mutual of Omaha’s WIld Kingdom, The Monkees, Get Smart and The Brady Bunch.
    I am from fond but fleeting memories of yesterday, a thankfulness for today, and the promise of tomorrow.

  4. I wish I something to link this to, but since I don’t, here it is. I absolutely loved yours, Deb.

    I am from soaring ideals that could not survive the harsh light of day.

    I am from clear skies with dazzling constellations.

    I am from jagged cliffs that run to the sea and pristine beaches that stretch for miles.

    I am from trusting neighborhoods, unlocked houses, and streets to run fearless.

    I am from vegemite, lamingtons, sausage rolls and fish Fridays.

    I am from hulking mansions where no one entertained.

    I am from loganberry trees with gnarled branches that held me in their embrace.

    I am from walled isolation with cruel strangers in black robes.

    I am from a father who taught me tennis and skiing and a mother who knitted.

    I am from silly puns that made us giggle and groan.

    I am from gloves and hats to town for special occasions.

    I am from sunburnt plains, billabongs, kangaroos and jackaroos.

    I am from long, straight roads on a spine jarring motorbike.

    I am from flower power, lucy in the sky with diamonds and innocence.

    I am from privilege, opportunity, expectations.

    I am from escape, adventure, risk.

    I am from good memories and bad, unique and all my own.

    I am from the kind of strength that ultimately allowed me to survive and thrive.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this prompt. I might finally have to do one! :)

    Thanks for your sweet birthday message today. Let me know when you’re ready for Nia! :)

  6. This was the best damn PROMPT ever, I think.

    Can I say “I love you” and not sound all Prop 8? Oh hell, I don’t care if I sound Prop 8 or not. I love you, Deb! This week’s prompt totally wrote itself.

    Now, next week, I hope it’s all about surgery and pain meds. I’ll be so ahead of the game on that!

  7. sorry, too intimidated by everyone else’s brilliance. seriously. but i love the idea of this! i’m just tired and want to go to sleep instead of think. is that bad?

    i come from the land of drink and sleep.


  8. I found this last week but never got a chance to do it. Today I was struggling to come up with a post idea, which I was forced to do since I signed up for NaBloPoMo. Then I remembered this. So…here is mine.
    I also have it on my NaBloPoMo page. Thanks for this, it was great! I’m new to blogging and will be back for future PROMPTuesdays…hopefully on Tuesdays. :-) Speaking of Tuesdays, this one is a BIG ONE! Cheers!

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