I’m Home



(I took this picture from my plane with my eyes closed. No need to remind myself that I was 39,000 miles up in the air.)


Thanks so much for your prayers and good thoughts! I’m home and that means I actually got on a plane twice. TW-ICE.


Thanks to my guest posters, too, who I’ll index for you in the next few days, so you can go back and read the goodness.


But meanwhile, here’s a few pics. A full trip report is on its way! Right after I sober up!




This is my bro, Marky, and his spectacular girlfriend, Jill, on my first night in New York. We went to a tapas place in Brooklyn Heights.




This is me and Kizzie at the aforementioned tapas place. Kizzie is cool. I like her. I have no idea why I look demented.




This is Jill, me, and my best friend from Chicago, Lis, in Times Square. Jill took us all around New York for days. Lis and I could barely walk after the first hour. Lis even put socks on with her flats. And she never does that. I wore brown, more comfortable flats with my decidedly predominantly black outfit. And I never do that. So. I’m just saying: Jill is not only cool. She has bionic feet.


25 thoughts on “I’m Home”

  1. You look great! Your skin is glowing, and your brother look like you came from the same recipe.

    I TOLD you about the shoe thing. Running shoes with EVERY outfit. Can’t wait to read more!

    Welcome home brave flygirl!

  2. Just thinking of walking all over NYC makes MY feet hurt! Brown, Schrown – if they were comfy, fashion be damned!

    Glad you had a good time and made it through the airplane ride – both times!!

  3. Csquaredplus3:
    I half-listened to your advice! I brought the comfy shoes, but they weren’t sneakers!

    Kizz said:
    Loved meeting with you!

    Maybe next trip will be to Houston!

    Thanks! I never did manage to get your recommended mascara before my trip!

    We also share the same nose!

    Did I tell you how I clutched your angels medal the whole way (until I dropped it right before my return flight landed…I think the angels wanted it back for the next person. I never did find it again :(.

    I feel like a toddler right about now, so we’ve got something in common (I CANNOT WALK!!!!!)

    Although I had a great time, if I think of the walking again, my feet pound.

    I do feel great! (And tired.)

    I’ll put the Nordy’s shoes to good use in San Diego!

    Can’t wait to tell you all about it.


    I was also very thrilled about the flight survival part!

    Da Goddess:
    As always, thx for the support.

    How about fabomented?
    And I tried VERY HARD to not imagine that damn gremlin.

    Myra said:
    Thanks for the “get a good bag and jacket” advice. I totally took it.

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