PROMPTuesday #27: Trippin’



For today’s PROMPTuesday, I ask that you write about a trip or an excursion that left you changed in some way. Did you conquer a fear on your trip? Learn something about yourself? Learn something about another person? Break up? Get together? Consider hospital time for the largest walking blister this side of Manhattan?


I look forward to what comes back and, I think it’s obvious by now that I’ve completely shitcanned the rules. Exxcceeepppttt:

  • Please have fun. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Together, let’s rediscover the simple joy in the writing process.
  • Post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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15 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #27: Trippin’”

  1. My first PromptTuesday! When I saw the topic, I knew just what to write about. When I was 18 years old, my parents thought it would be a good idea to send me to France to learn about other ways of life, etc. At 18, I was a total punkass with dyed brick red hair and a bad attitude. I was sent to live with with a poor family in the french countryside. Talk about life changing! Complete culture shock. These people had it rough – a ladder led up to the second floor of the house, and we sold eggs door to door. They had me mowing the lawn and cleaning out the chicken coop. I HATED IT! But…did I learn anything? Heck yeah. I saw that this family was so happy. They loevd sitting down to eat their goat I was playing with in the yard earlier. They cheerfully got out and pushed when the car broke down. They had none of the luxuries I lived with on a daily basis, and thought nothing of it. After three weeks, I came home sunburned, fat and irritated, but somewhere in there was actually a glimmer of something else – gratitude for what I had. For a few days anyway..

  2. I’m in!!

    Mine was about a trip I took in college, and it changed me in a subtle way, but as you write, the story takes on its own life and the character becomes real, so the girl in the story is not me, and the reason she is on her trip is not the same as my reason.

    And – full disclosure – I always stop writing after 10-15 minutes, but I do take some time to find a nice photo to illustrate it afterwards. Because I just like photos in my blog.

  3. Holy crapola, Deb! Why’d you pick such a tough one this week? Next week better be easy. In fact, I’m sending you my idea and I’ll tell you now, even if you don’t use it, I’m writing it my way anyway. Neener neener neener…oh. Sorry.

    This was just a lot harder than I expected. I revert to childish taunting and badgering whenever this happens.

    I totally *heart* you still. Hope you feel the same!

  4. my first, possibly my 2nd… but the topic spoke to me. here goes:

    my parents had been separated for just under 9 years, and i was not yet 25yrs old. it was early 2000 and i lived in DC with my mom, and my dad still lived in Nebraska. i went to visit my dad by myself just for shits and giggles. he had just had his leg amputated the year prior and had just purchased a new boston terrier puppy. he was living alone, except for the puppy.
    the entire plan ride back home from Omaha to DC, i cried. i kept asking the flight attendant for more little bottles of vodka. it dawned on me that i wanted my father close to me. i wanted him to be a part of his grandkids’ lives.
    he moved to DC 8 months later.

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