Wordlessish Wednesday


Because I am too busy poking my perfectly normal-sized poo down my toilet’s too-small poo hole with my white linen reed diffuser sticks, I’ve decided to hand this post over to Toots, who has a story to tell.


It’s called “Witch Boo!


(And it starts in the middle, right where the action is…)


…So the witch took Rapunzel’s hair off because the ladder didn’t work.


And the witch put Rapunzel in the forest with only water and bread crumbs.


Then she put her in a worse place.




And when Rapunzel woke up, the tigers ate her. But she got out of their stomachs magically.


Rapunzel married the prince and they lived happily ever after.


And then the witch got them again and tied them both up.


The End.


Feel free to not comment today.


And good luck getting that poo image out of your brain.


p.s. Sometimes I use plastic cutlery.


21 thoughts on “Wordlessish Wednesday”

  1. Industrial strength plungers are the only thing that work on these damn toilets. Water efficient, my ass. You have to flush so many fucking times it pretty much defeats the purpose of the low-flow.

    Toots can write posts for me any old time she wants. Her stories are better than mine.

  2. Hey there! Just came over from your guest post on Mommypie’s site, which had me peeing with laughter. How I haven’t found you before now is beyond me, but it’s all good now.

  3. Then what did the witch do with them once she tied them up? I need a conclusion goddamnit! Anything to take my mind off that poo.

    Kelly – who has delicate, petite poo and a sturdy toilet with a proper niagra style flush

  4. I think in our next house my husband may try to smuggle a toilet in from Canada.

    However, my professional environmentalist momma says that the newer low flows actually work because they may have used some actual physics to improve the design instead of just sending less water through.

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