There’s so much to do on my agenda (more shopping links, a 6 degrees of bloggeration post, and following through on my commitments ), but ding dang, I’m tapped.


I even went to the Dinner Studio Wednesday night to save me time, precious moments I could use to exercise and figure out why my daughter is peeing her bed again after many dry months, but whizzing from meal station to meal station exhausted me. Seriously, how do I ever cook? Even when someone is washing your mixing bowls and bringing you chopped onions, the assembly is tiring. I do like the power, though. I simply scream, “Cooking spray! Someone being me the cooking spray!” and lo, it appears. Plus, they give you pie. But seeing as I’m on a restricted diet (gallons of Rice Dream ice cream with buckets of peanut butter topping = OK, one slice of berry pie = off limits), I didn’t partake.


Also this week, I went to a yoga class, but showed up at the wrong time and class, and after 15 minutes obsessing over whether I should wait for the 90-minute “hot yoga” class, I opted to go home and get the class time right tomorrow. PMS makes me extra tired and weak and I could just see myself toppling over in the 101-degree heat. Not a yoga frame of mind, but that’s why I’m going (to go).


I’m happy to report that I actually exercised a few times the last few days. A beach walk here, a treadmill romp there. The thing I love about having a treadmill in the spare bedroom is that you can be silly on it and no one knows. Sometimes, when I’m at the Y, I forget I’m at the Y, and I start dancing on the treadmill and doing weird things with my arms and walking backward and that kind of behavior is just not encouraged. In my own home, I can do those things, and inspire a brand new generation of San Diego Mommalets to do the same. You know? I want my kids to be their own person. Even if it means accidentally singing Oops! I Did It Again! out loud at the gym.


Finally, I signed Toots up for swim lessons this morning. And afterwards, walked through (the wrong) locker room to the exit, so the kids and I got a full frontal of every man with gray pubes in the greater San Diego metropolitan area.


Well, that’s it. Thanks for checking in. Stop by guest services for a full refund.


13 Responses to “Flotsam”

  1. pajama momma says:

    I got a full frontal of every man with gray pubes in the greater San Diego metropolitan area.
    Would you have felt better if he used Grecian Formula?

    My sister did that Dinner Station too. I’ll bet she even went to the same one as you. I’m sooo jealous. Fine dining and anything moderately healthy is not high on the agenda here in good ole Jacksonville. It’s so, so BBQ.

  2. LOL @ gray pubes, echoing PJmomma’s sentiment.

    hmm, wrong door… wrong time. do i sense a theme? while it may not be amusing to you while it’s happening, it’s certainly amusing for us readers to hear about later on.


  3. myra says:

    still laughing about your frontal view. did you sign up for swim lessons at the Y? we’re starting soon, and i can’t wait for them to knock the fear of water right of him. as for the treadmill romp, i think an example should be on your blog. i might want to give it a try.

  4. Steph says:

    I feel quite a bit less alone because I’m not the only person who uses the word flotsam. I love that word.

    Anyhoodle, hee about the full frontal. Those memories are priceless…okay, maybe just the giggles *I get when you share those things are priceless. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

  5. Vered says:

    Did I ever tell you how much I love the fact that almost every post of yours makes me FEEL? Today you made me laugh out loud, which was extra nice.

  6. bekkah says:

    Omigosh, I was actually going to just comment on hot yoga, but the full frontal zinger at the end has me flustered!!! :)

    I used to regularly practice Bikram Yoga and I LOVE it. It’s amazing how relaxed I feel afterwards. If we had a studio closer I would be there every day!

  7. I never feel like I get a good workout on the treadmill. Mainly because I cannot walk/run on it without holding on. And then I feel like I’m on an elevator when I get off. All kinds of motion weirdness.

  8. Melanie says:

    Ack! The horror! I have a nasty picture in my head of old nekkid guys. Bleh! I used to go to Dinner A’Fare but switched to Dream Dinners. I like the quality of the meat better. I’m jealous of your treadmill.

  9. Now I have to read more blogs before I go to bed–I don’t want the locker room image to be the last thing I think about before I go to bed!

  10. Gray pubes? Is that really in my future? Eff.

  11. Jamie says:

    Looking forward to the 6 degrees post.

    Every time I read your stuff Deb, I feel like a soul sista. Ecept the one withthe weird scrub on your face. Not that time.

  12. How you can feel so badly and yet post so wonderfully is truly a gift. The locker room thing had me doing a virtual double-take – and once again laughing out loud at work, totally giving myself away. Again.

  13. mommypie says:

    With ya on the ‘being your own person’ thing. If anyone were to look through our windows (on any given day), they’d see some pr-etty odd behavior …

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