Father’s Day: A Succession of Moments

But first, some photo notes:


–I’m growing a bodybuilder neck. And I don’t lift weights. Or work out (much). Thoughts?

–I don’t intentionally dress my children as hobos. It just turns out that way.

–Costco does not sell enough Kirkland wipes for Toots.

–We do not beat our children (although we sometimes submerge them in ice baths) as the discoloration on their right cheeks might suggest. Rather, we all attended a Kung Fu Panda reception Saturday night and the girls had their faces painted. Of course, Toots asked for the Viper on her face and has the distinction of being the only child at the party to do so. Again I ask: maniacal genius? or future herpetologist? (which is not a VD doctor).

–Ice cream is the universal salve. We need more of it in the world (the full-fat version, not sorbet. is sorbet even ice cream? I say no).


Books in Bed


Father's Day Breakfast


In the Distance


The Light


Hanging On


In the Crook


Icy Contemplation




11 thoughts on “Father’s Day: A Succession of Moments”

  1. Thyroid was the first thing I thought of with your neck, too. But it could also just be the way your neck is meant to be OR it could be that you’re a little too self-critical. My guess is it’s a case of you looking for flaws.

    Great looking family.

    Don’t worry about the snake stuff. I find it rather cool that the girl likes snakes. My own daughter loved snakes up until the time she was feeding one and it tried to take a mouse from her which made her think it was striking — it was a rosy boa. Mojo still likes snakes, but won’t feed them. Snakes are actually awesome.

    As for ice cream, it’s all good. Unless it’s some sugar-free blah creation. While sorbet isn’t exactly ice cream (more of an iced dessert), it’s still yummy.

  2. No big neck, and I’ve seen it. Nothing, nada, zip. Normal neck in proportion to a normal head on a normal body.

    But the photos…..ahh! Gorgeous subjects and gorgeous composition. I hope we see more.

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