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Well, this painful bit of writer’s blockage persists. So, to keep me posting, I’ve come up with a desperate clever plan to keep me blog accountable.


What will follow over the next few days are slightly generic, but borderline interesting posts on stuff. I don’t plan to write about personal things, because I’m just blocked on that, plus, I’ve logically assumed that you don’t want to hear how Booger’s been barfing for the past 3 days (pray for her rehydration, please? oh! and do you know of a good fabric deodorizer?).


At any rate, here’s my proposed blog schedule for the following several days. This agenda simply serves the purpose of keeping me on task. And, barring death by barf, I will by God, deliver (most likely).


Later today (maybe):

The Movies You Maybe Never Saw, But Probably Should


Sunday (hopefully):

My Favorite Soft Rock From the ’70s That You Should Download for Old Time’s Sake. Plus, A Flashback(s). Perhaps.


Monday (keeping fingers crossed):

Please Tell Me Which of My Manuscript Intros You Like Best (You Get to Choose Between Two, Two, Two! (For the Price of One) And the Price May be My Humiliation. But I’m Willing to Do it for Entertainment Value.)





Wednesday (I’m pretty sure I’ll do this one):

My Favorite Websites for Cool Clothes and Accessories



Some Good Books That Are Off the Beaten Path.



TV’s Most Annoying Personalities. And in an Effort to Be Positive, TV’s Best People, Too.


Wow! What a fantastical line-up of randomness! I just know you’re moist in all the right places.


12 thoughts on “Table of Contents”

  1. In addition to the valuable feedback from your loyal and loving commenters!- have you thought about browsing I’m sure you know the site, but it has so many threads related to all manner of creative juice prompts. Or you can post your own writing and get great opinions and critiques from the published authors who kindly, generously support the writing community. It just may help.

    Meanwhile, I love your blog ideas and looking forward to them!

  2. sorry to hear about booger. but it sounds like a great week to me blogwise! i wonder if nancy grace can make it to your friday list? :)

  3. You realize this is why I got a tummy tuck don’t you? I didn’t know how else to hide the fact that I have writer’s block.

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