You wouldn’t believe the enormous writer’s block I’m battling right now. My brain’s shut down. Maybe to devote its energy to raising my serotonin levels. Seems like every sentence I write is clunky and humorless. So, let me just tell you that I’m walking along oceans, listening to music, and eating healthy. My mind and body (and hormones…you should see my forehead zit) are rebalancing. And I’m going to let them.


Here’s some of the music that’s helping me back on the path:


Make You Feel My Love/Adele

Fluorescent Adolescent/Artic Monkeys

The Rowing Song/Patty Griffin

It was Everything, Everything!/The Horror, The Horror

Let’s Just Laugh/The Lemonheads

Guided By Wire/Neko Case

Bottle It Up/Sara Bareilles

Phantom Limb/The Shins

Wish I Could Forget/The Weepies

All Good Things/The Weepies

Day Too Soon/Sia


6 Responses to “Ellipses”

  1. Vered says:

    Writer’s blocks come and go… it’s good that you are taking care of yourself.

    Love the music.

  2. You are so goooooood at music mixing. I should know. I have a Deb CD.

    The writer’s block will be gone sooooon. It means you need rest. So rest. And put some Clearasil on the zit, for Pete’s sake. And pick up your room. And empty the dishwasher. And do your homework. And then rest.

    And, by the way, what’s up with these zits at my age? Not your age, my age. Why must I have wrinkles and pimples? Does God think she’s being funny? Gosh.

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! I had an idea (a stolen idea)! I used the Story Spinner. Will that help your writer’s block? But rest first.

    Setting for your story:

    in a canyon

    Starting phrase for your story:

    “I remember asking”

    Four words you must include in your story:

    Ear Plugs
    Richard Nixon

  4. You’re a musical mixing genius–I wish I had that type of ability. Instead I just stick with NPR.

  5. myra says:

    what a fabulous mix! i just love peeking into your ipod. :) take heart, this too shall pass. you even your “uninspired” stuff is fun to read.

  6. Deborah says:

    Sounds like you are doing exactly the right thing – taking care of yourself. Let the ideas start percolating in your mind as you walk and live with them for a while.

    Love the music!

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