Fall of The Vegan Empire, And More

Do you remember how I went on and on about this, and then this?


How I so smugly threw about the words, “chickpea?” and “organic” and “no white sugar” and bladdedy blahblah?


Well, today, this happened:


Fall of the Vegan Empire


OK, actually the three things on the right happened on Sunday. And also today. And it’s looking favorable for tomorrow.


I would like you to know that since last July, I’ve been a pretty healthy eater. Sure, I slipped a few times. A few too many bowls of soy ice cream here, too many sweet potatoes there, four bags of El Indio chips here AND there (the only ingredients are corn, lime, oil and salt, so I justified it as being natural), but today I careened full force into a fructose high.


I don’t know why I fell off the healthy eating slope so dramatically. I’m sure it has something to do with the two 70-page reports I’m supposed to be editing. One report is a harrowing account of the insurance industry in APAC (Asia Pacific). The other, a swashbuckling adventure featuring the hottest thing to hit telecommunications in YEARS: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.


Both need to be completed by May 31 and I’m crawling at a snail’s pace to finish them. There’s so much re-writing and research and head scratching at the analyst’s word choices, that I just blew up inside and I’m rebuilding myself with the only things that will get me through: caffeine and chocolate.


The other thing that will happen as I procrastinate and stuff myself with lipids is that I will update this blog often and maniacally with random thoughts and observations. Seriously, you may want to unsubscribe from my feed now. I haven’t had this much caffeine in almost a year.


8 thoughts on “Fall of The Vegan Empire, And More

  1. Wait. Hold on. You’re telling me that people do anything at all without being pumped on caffeine and sugar? You lie, Deb. You must…I can’t even roll out of bed for less than a full cuppa.

  2. I’m in a 12-step program trying to get off the granola. And I’m serious. There is sugar in granola, even that really healthy gluten-free granola from Trader Joe’s. Lots of sugar. Yummy sugar. In various forms. Like evaporated cane juice. Dehydrated raisin juice. Honey. Yummy. Covering delicious seeds, nuts, and gluten-free grains. Glistening. Sweet. Goodness.

    Gotta go call my sponsor. Bye.

  3. Steph:
    The reason I went off caffeine is b/c I started feeling like I needed it ALL THE TIME. And the more I’d drink, the more crappy I’d feel. So it’s hard…BUT I do drink tea and chai tea too, which is caffeiney.
    Just not every day.

    Jenn: If my body had had sugar prior to now, I’d have completely eaten the boxes in 3 seconds. But I felt kinda pukey after the first 65 handfuls.

    Cheri: I’m also living the Granola Loca. I went to Bear naked granola b/cI perceived it had less sugar, which was good enough for me. But its cost of $75 an ounce is a put off.

    Vered: I know, I know. Damnit, I know.

    PJ Momma: I’ve been feeling skeevy about soy for awhile now, and I cut it back substantially. I’m going with rice ice cream most of the time. And, after I cut soy back, I felt hormonally more balanced. Seriously.

    And I spelled skeevey wrong.

    Or did I?

  4. Sorry, can’t type now … sipping my four hundredth cup of coffee (today), and popping Flipz into my mouth between bites of Toffee and Mint Milanos.

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