I Have a Dream. (201st Post!)

I have but few dreams. Firstly, I’d like to finish my middle grade book, sell it, make enough money to live comfortably in San Diego, have a pool like Cheri’s, and support my family churning out Harry Potter-esque books in my fully automated custom-made sunlit writer’s/inventor’s (just because) loft.


I’d also like to open a drive-thru. A special kind of fast food place, housed in a coffee shack type facility, that serves quick and healthy food for breakfast and lunch. How often I’ve found myself on the road, wanting to grab something to eat, and my only options are a Gordita or a Ciabatta (what I almost named by second born; it’s so melodiously Italian-sounding, no? See what you think: Ciabatta Booger Momma. Right? Like nightingale song?) hamburger. I’d love it if there were a health food drive-thru I could frequent that offered an alternative to the Taco Bells and Jack in the Boxes. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those stalwart fast food fixtures. They have their place and time (down the street from the bar; after 2AM).)


My husband and I have arguscussed this for years. He’s convinced that there would be no market for such a place and that I couldn’t keep the food fresh enough or make it fast enough to be profitable. But, how long does it take to whip up a smoothie? Or throw some veggies on a wholegrain baguette? Seriously. Frying hamburgers takes longer. And I’d have a limited, but delicious menu (based on my personal experience), and work out an assembly line process to serve my customers quickly.


I even have the location picked out. Of course, it involves a hostile takeover of the Bean Me Up coffee hut, but they’ve been there long enough. Time for the new guard to move in. And my coffee would be whole-bean, fairly traded, and not cause global warming. And it would be sustainable and environmentally-friendly. With a low carbon footprint. Also, 20% of my proceeds would go to the “Save a Donkey” federation.


Located smack dab in my hippie beach town, my health hut would become an overnight sensation. Hippies like all-natural ingredients, right? Also, I’ve personally seen hippies spend $400 on a bong or macrame hammock, so I know they’d shell out $7.95 for a spicy chickpea pita sandwich with quick-baked sweet potato fries and a side of pot.


The name of my health food shack would be “OrgaNsmic,” and my menu would include only organic ingredients and serve breakfast and lunch items (I would close at 2PM to escape to my writer’s loft and Cheri-pool)


I’d try to keep things reasonably-priced, but I may need to charge an extra $2 for avocado or $15.95 for the aforementioned side of pot.


I really think this could work! And I’ll even throw something in for those who like standard fast food fare. Soydita anyone? How about a Squashbatta Boca Burger? *nods* I knew this was a fabulous idea!


9 thoughts on “I Have a Dream. (201st Post!)

  1. Since I really need a day job, can we be business partners? I think your idea is brilliant and we will be rich. We can hire hot young guys to put together and serve the delicious and nutritious food. On their days off, we can make them swim with us in my pool and get ourselves sued for harassment. Then I will use my lawyer skillz to defend us, but since my skillz are very rusty, we will lose the lawsuit and to avoid paying the judgment, we will hole up at Mrs. G’s Women’s Colony. It is there that you will write your Pulitzer-Prize-winning, Oprah’s-book-club-selection, New-York-Times-best-selling novel, which Speilberg will beg you to allow him to make into a screenplay. You will let him. And we will be rich again.

    Did I mention that I need a day job?

  2. I love the idea. I’d also like to open a bookstore/coffee place called Bookoccino (it’s not original – but I love the place) and my sister wants to open an Indian store called Mahatma Coat or a Japanese restaurant called So Su Me (she’s a lawyer). She actually doesn’t want to stock the businesses or run them, she just likes the names. But I really really like yours best – and the food is making my mouth water! So do it already!

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