This Could Make Me Look Good(er)

Normally this post would go in the Momma Love section, but I’m busy making beans, so this must suffice as my post today. Meanwhile, please transmit fart death ray thoughts into the universe and pray that I don’t gas anyone to death with my super-farticious beans. I don’t know why, but my beans are always extra farty.


I “met” this lovely lady online just two days ago! And now we’re best friends! (Myra, did I tell you? That we’re best friends?).


Anyway. Because I like to check out the sites of my commenters, and worship them from afar, and pretend they’re my best friends, I went to Myra’s site and was promptly wowed, the likes of which I’ve never been wowed since The Hills had its one-hour season premiere. Which featured a before show with Lauren! Who helpfully explained why she doesn’t have a personality (it’s the cameras)! Plus: Audrina was there! (Somebody please remind me that almost-40 means you watch VH-1 instead of MTV.)


Back to Myra.


But first a little something about me. I’m not crafty. (I’ve said this before.) In fact, for Valentine’s Day, I made Toots make her friends valentines and she — and they — all hate me now. So, I figured Myra’s Moon and Back notecards, invites, announcements, etc. will help win their admiration back. (Beautiful note cards for all Toot’s classmates next year! And gummy Doras! I will eat some too! Because I’d like nothing better than to bite Dora’s head off.)


I’m sorry. This was about Myra.


Check some of these out:



That’s my name! Isn’t that cool? It’s just for me. See? I told you we were best friends.



I’m the pink dainty one.



I’m not in this one because I’m in the kitchen making my annual “Christmas beans.”


I’m totally getting this for the holidays. And I’m copying that family pose. Please forget you ever saw this. Because as my best friends, you are all going to get one and when it comes in the mail, it’d be best if you pretended it’s the first time you’d ever seen it.


So I just think that these designs are cool, and fresh, and colorful and would make great gifts, too (hint, hint, best friends).


Meanwhile, I am going to soon order some notecards to make me look like I have it together. And I’m also going to order some “Myra and Debbie are best friends!” announcements, and send one to Myra and one to me. Won’t that be cutetizzly?


5 Responses to “This Could Make Me Look Good(er)”

  1. Steph says:

    You are already so far ahead of me. I get these rad commenters, go look at their blogs, decide they are my new best friends, then forget to bookmark their blogs. The next day when I want to check on my new BFF, Deb, I can’t find her blog because is NOT her web address, even though I’m 99% sure that’s where it was the day before. Then I decide that I’m going to go back through my comments and find Deb’s link there, but when I hit my own site, I get distracted by the “related posts” feature and wind up spending hours obsessing over whether or not I’m really as lame as I suspect I might be. During all of that I decide that my new BFF, Deb, will have to wait until I’m less emo over being ADD.

    Because really, my new BFF, Deb, probably needs caffeine just to read one comment from me.

  2. Kiara says:

    hey deborah(eerrrr… gathered that from the pink paper on your posting )

    I certainly love the last “Joy To the World” card!

    It looks very professionally done! Like those KOdak moments shots!


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  4. Amanda says:

    I know, I love Moon and Back Studios cards! I got Christmas ones last year. And I am about to order Ace’s 1st birthday party invites. :)

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