Final Answer

Thanks Deborah, Matter of Fact Mommy, Rose, Jenn, Mommyrella, Vered, Steph and Angela! For those who left their input after the event I attended last night, I’m glad you agreed with everyone else…and Mommyrella…next time, I’m going for the tights and the jewelry! Loved that! Angela: I like the boots, too. But the dress was WAY shorter than I expected after I put on my heels. So the boots seemed vampish. And Britney-like.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Anyway! I took the group advice to heart and ended up with this:




I bet my hunched over posture really brings the whole ensemble home for you. And the legs must blind. It’s just that self tanners streak on me. Every time! Why? Is it my skin molecules? Are they fake tan-resistant? That must be it. Ended up I went stockingless, in all my Norwegian glory. (We’re a white people. I’ve accepted that.)

Other appearance snags: Most days, I only shave my legs to the knee and I forgot about that until I arrived at the event and my thigh hair was illuminated in the evening twilight. In addition, when I came home and took off the jacket, I noticed the plastic hang tag was still on it and a large coffee stain decorated the sleeve. I’d bought this whole thing at a resale shop and didn’t have time to dry clean it first.

I know.

I don’t like to think about it.


Other things you might find interesting: We had the event at the jewel of San Diego, the El Cortez (I don’t really think it’s a jewel, but sometimes I can’t escape my copywriting tendencies). Actually, we met beforehand at the Sole Luna Cafe, which if you live in the area, is quite good. I recommend the salad with the pears and blueberries and the other stuff it had in it. Gorgonzola? I don’t know. I was preoccupied with my illuminated thigh hair. And my Maker’s Mark on the rocks. I don’t know why I ordered that. I’m such a wild card.


But as I was saying: The El Cortez — a beautiful hotel built in 1927, which changed hands many times and fell into decay until bought in 1997 and renovated into condos. We toured the facility courtesy of a resident and a doorman who’d worked there since 1961. We saw the beautiful ballroom, the former cotillion hall, the roof, everything! Especially cool was the “hall of pictures” showing the hotel’s transformation through the years. One woman’s dad remembered coming to San Diego as an evacuee from Pearl Harbor in 1942 and seeing the “El Cortez” sign from the San Diego Bay as his boat sailed in (they’d been trailed by a Japanese sub the whole trip…isn’t that cool?). I love that kind of stuff.


Other imprints: Yvonne DeCarlo trivia questions, climbing out the window to get to the roof, freezing my Norwegian legs off in the pool area. You’d think my people would be acclimated to the cold, what with their fishing the Artic waters and all.


Why do I keep talking when I so obviously have nothing more pertinent to say?


It must be a Norwegian thing. We’re white and long-winded. *sigh*


11 Responses to “Final Answer”

  1. I missed your previous post, but that’s definitely the outfit I would have picked. I LOVE the jacket. It gets chilly here in the evenings (something my friends in Las Vegas don’t seem to be able to grasp LOL!) and that jacket is perfection.

    I’ve never been to the El Cortez but understand it’s been fixed up really well. Then again, I don’t get to do much that isn’t kid related anymore LOL!

    Thank you SO MUCH for your super sweet post on my blog. I really do appreciate it. :)

  2. LOL, AWESOME! love the norwegian comments. you’re hysterical!
    hubba bubba with the legs. and what’s UP with that angle?! you obviously took this picture yourself?! and why not the face?! had you been picking zits? ;) i kid because i love.

    sounds like fun! god, i miss socal…

  3. OMG! does the ol’ El Cortez bring back memories from this old broad! when i lived in san diego, fresh outta school, it was the ONLY high-rise! THE ONLY high-rise! can you believe it? sure was a fun place to go, tho’.
    Ask some old soul who’s been in san diego forever about the Brass Rail and Hillcrest in mid-60s.
    i’m so old, lindbergh field was on 101!!

  4. I didn’t read the earlier post in time to weigh in, but I think you definitely made the right choice! Looks great (and seems like it was perfectly appropriate)!

  5. Cheri says:

    Awesome outfit, yo.

  6. pajama momma says:

    Look at those sexy legs! Holy cow! I’d kill for those. You better hope I don’t come to San Diego anytime soon. :)

  7. Steph says:

    Well what I saw of you looked good!!! LOL

  8. San Diego Momma says:

    Anytime I’m down, I’m going to post more pics of my legs at that angle b/c apparently it makes my legs look WAY better than in real life. :)

    And PJ Momma, let me know when you’re coming to town so I can get myself into the witness protection program.

  9. pajama momma says:

    And PJ Momma, let me know when you’re coming to town so I can get myself into the witness protection program

    Oh that just made me laugh so hard. I know my family thinks I’m crazy the way I laugh at my laptop all day.

  10. Angela says:

    Oh you look adorable. Leg hair and all. People need to get evolved with that whole thing. It’s not like your pits were unshaven. Or were they?

  11. Da Goddess says:

    Beautiful ensemble. And if anyone was staring at your thighs and noticed you hadn’t shaved, they were obviously 1) too close, and/or 2) pervs.

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