Just Got Off the Phone

Right when I finished the post below, my friend called to say she’d just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.


Please send happy light rays into the universe on her behalf.


Her attitude remains positive and she says a simple surgery and some radiation should kill the disease, but she has two small children and I’m sure somewhere inside she’s trembling a little.







Last night, Mom’s Night Out went quite well.


Until one of the moms started talking about the s*x and how she and her husband do it three times a day and the rest of us we’re like,”is that even legal?” and looked down in shame because a lot of the time we’re tired and we don’t even pee three times a day. So that kind of s*x frequency seemed like a lot, too much even, but we felt inadequate just the same.


Then we went from the wine bar to the pizza place and had beer. And the mom kept talking about the s*x and then we all started telling stories and everyone told me not to blog about it. And I laughed non-commitally (which by the way is not in the dictionary) and pointed off into the vague distance and said, “look!” and everyone did and then forgot that they asked me to not blog about the s*x talk.


Ha Ha! I got you guys!


So I’m thinking my social calendar just opened way up.


4 Responses to “Just Got Off the Phone”

  1. okay, i have a good friend who had, i repeat, “HAD” thyroid cancer a few years ago. they were able to successfully remove the cancer from her thyroid. if there is a cancer to get and be able to recover from with a low risk of it ever coming back, it’s thyroid cancer.

    best of luck to your friend and happy thoughts all around!

  2. Mommyrella says:

    Sorry about your friend. Let us know how she does.

  3. Clink says:

    One of my best friends had thyroid cancer. The surgery and the radiation were 16 years ago. (She was 17 at the time) She is beyond fine!
    I am sure you friend will be too, wishing warm healthy thoughts for her!

  4. mommypie says:

    I am sending my best healing vibes into the universe as I type. Keep us posted.

    And the sex lady thing – don’t feel inadequate. You could be ME – I’m not sure I’d even know how to do it anymore!

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