I Don’t Got Much Today

Toots spilled water everywhere this morning and when I asked her to mop it up she said with disdain, “That’s grown-up business.”


Indeed it is. Grown-up business. Yesterday I signed an agreement that added 12 hours a week to my work schedule, which is already chock-full of 20 freelance hours and water mopping. Then, there’s the grocery shopping, half-assed cleaning, Internetting, and stay-at-home-momness. I’m also a wife, occasional lover, and writer in progress.


I don’t know why I did it. Other than I respect and like the woman I’ll be working with, who just started her company last year and has already taken it national.


I like her. I really do.


She’s zen.


That could be good for me.


It’s work I’d enjoy.


More writing.


Also good.


Good, good, good.




4 Responses to “I Don’t Got Much Today”

  1. Melissa says:

    It sounds good as long as it’s what you really want. Sometimes I find myself getting roped in to freelance gigs because I have a hard time saying no. I’m working on it, though… “no. No. NO!” There. ;)

  2. Cheri says:

    “That’s grown-up business.”

    I think you’re going to have another 12 hours per week of negotiating added to your schedule when this child hits the teen years.

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