Thank God The Writers Are Back


Did you see this on SNL Saturday night?


Please note that the video has adult content! And as such is very adulty in nature. No dirty stuff, just grown-up, possibly offensive, but hilarious, humor. Again! You may be offended by this! But only if you’ve never had a period.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m must go slather some Lubriderm on my leathery tail.


(This is in observance of Absolutely Bananas’ “Make Me Laugh Mondays.”

Although she tends to make me laugh every other day of the week too.)


3 thoughts on “Thank God The Writers Are Back”

  1. That was so funny! My six year old is home with the flu, so I start laughing and he comes running. I’m holding his head back with one hand, balancing the laptop with my other, and laughing while he goes, “What? What? What is it Mommy?” And I’m saying, “Nothing, nothing, honey. It’s girl stuff. It’s grown up stuff. You wouldn’t get it.”

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