Shoo, Flu



I am bonkers for this stuff. I believe that I associate the smell of it with childhood, which brings good tidings. It’s got a beautiful eucalyptus smell that reminds me of the Vick’s VapoRub my dad used to use on us kids. For everything. Seriously. Loose tooth? Vicks. First period? Vicks. Herpes Simplex A? You get the idea. It’s like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


Anyway, really, I do love this stuff. It smells great. I instantly feel like I’m doing right by my kids when I add it to their bath, which is a plus when you feel like everything you do is screwing your kids up in some way. It just smells clean, fresh, organic, minty fresh and VapoRubby. It also washes clean and leaves an awesome whisper of essential oils on your kids. I shouldn’t be an ad copywriter, should I? Who wants to buy something that “leaves an awesome whisper of essential oils on your kids?


Please pretend I am not here.

It’s just you and the California Baby Colds and Flu Bubble Bath.


Me again! Hi. So despite the awesome whisper, I do have two complaints: one, this wash is expensive. At my neighborhood Birkenstock market, it’s almost $12. So it’s a splurge. Also, it’s a bubble bath, and I’d love it to be a wash, so I could multitask with it. I do rub it in the kids hair anyway, but it’s not zoned for this purpose.


But hey, I could be using Windex.


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