Sunday’s Playlist: I Wish I Were Cool

This one is completely dominated by the artist we heard play last night.


And how about this? Please list in an e-mail or in comments or in your blog (just leave me the link) three songs you can’t live without (for now). It can be songs you’ve just discovered, or songs you’ve loved long time.


I will read the song titles, I’ll see how the songs make me feel, I will select a winner and send my husband he/she/web crawler a Chris Trapper CD (I really want to expose everyone to this guy. Wait. Did that sound perverted?). These are my PMS rules. I’ll whimsically decide my favorite by 5PM today.


Also, I know no one but my spouse and friend in Tulsa reads this, so the selection should be easy. Plus: my husband! No postage.


Wish I Was Cool/Chris Trapper

One Bright Star/Chris Trapper

Away We Go/Chris Trapper

Kiss You Where You Lay/Chris Trapper

Midnight Cabaret/Chris Trapper

Summertime is Here/Chris Trapper

Happy Where I Am/Chris Trapper

Birthday Song/Chris Trapper

Any Little Town/Pushstars (w/ Chris Trapper)

Drunk is Better Than Dead/Pushstars (w/ Chris Trapper)


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Playlist: I Wish I Were Cool”

  1. PYT/Michael Jackson – I’m really digging MJ again these days because it’s the 25th anniversary of the Thriller album. Feeling old, but hand me the activator.

    Shiver/Coldplay – pretty much describes all of my dysfunctional relationships.

    Like A Rolling Stone/Bob Dylan

  2. Banana Pancakes/Jack Johnson – It always puts me in a happy mood. LOVE! Jack Johnson.

    Love Today/Mika – One of the most awesome songs ever to kick start your day.

    Heavenly Day/Patty Griffin – Just a great relaxing and calming song. I love Patty Griffin’s voice.

    Falling Slowly/ Once soundtrack – I am jumping out of my skin that it won the Oscar last night. It is truly an amazing album.

  3. Thanks Guys!
    I LOVE PYT Farrah! Seriously. I’m not just saying that to make you feel better.

    Also Amanda: Have you heard the whole Mika album? It’s really good.
    I also heard Falling Softly last night and thought it was beautiful. I’ll have to get the soundtrack.

    Also! I’ll send you both a Chris Trapper CD!
    E-mails to follow!

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