PROMPTuesday #219: Secret, On Repeat

I’m re-posting this prompt from 175 Tuesdays ago because it’s a favorite.


Here we go: Tell me a secret. Of course, I’d prefer it be a true secret. And about you. But I know where that can lead, and perhaps you’re not prepared for it. So let me addendum this: If you’d rather, write about someone who has a secret. Maybe a character you’ve concocted. Or someone in your family or a friend has a secret that you tell us all about fiction-style (or not, even better!).


As for me, I’ve got to think about the secret I will share. I’ve already told you how I practiced french kissing on my dog, so that’s out. But I’m sure I’ll come up with something equally as skeevy.


Meanwhile, here’re the rules:


  • Try to write your entry in 10 minutes. This encourages top-of-mind, primal thinking before the ego and judgmental brain kick in. Just set a timer, make your kid count to 600 slowly, whatever. It’s an honor system. And I trust you.
  • Aim for 250 words or less.
  • Please have fun. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Together, let’s rediscover the simple joy in the writing process.
  • Post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


If you’re new, read a bit about this weekly writing exercise here.


Or, catch up on the PROMPTuesdays archive here.


Now go out there and have fun writing about your deepest darkest!


One thought on “PROMPTuesday #219: Secret, On Repeat”

  1. Oh I love this prompt.

    A secret: I’m terribly jealous/competitive with a “friend” of mine. To the point where honestly I’m only friends with her to know what’s going on in her life. Kind of keep your enemies closer thing. And I feel TERRIBLE about it because I pride myself on what a good friend I am. And I am, except to her.

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