Being Healthy: What Works for Me Right Now

I’m just back from another doctor appointment. This one was to ensure I don’t have a bicuspid aortic valve with a corresponding dilated aorta. It’s a congenital defect and unfortunately, it looks like my youngest brother got the short end of the stick with that one, but he’s on top of it and all is well. (His email to us siblings explaining the problem was met with, “I’m so sorry you have this problem that can lead to aortic aneurysm, and if you’ll excuse us now, WE PROBABLY ALL HAVE IT AND MUST GOOGLE WHEN WE ARE GOING TO DIE.”



Relatedly, I’ve got one more appointment this week to go over my blood work and can I just shut up already about my health like I’m some sort of Golden Girl?


That said, it turns out my ovarian cyst is the same size it was a month ago so we’re waiting and seeing. I’m convinced the lack of change is due to this supplement I’ve been taking called serrapeptase that decreases inflammation and is supposed to eliminate cysts. My doctor said it “looked” like the cyst was trying to resolve and so that’s great news. In a side detail, the inside of my arm is an enormous bruise because serrapeptase thins your blood and my blood didn’t take well to being sucked out with a needle.


But this is about health. Let’s change the topic to something that doesn’t make me contemplate my mortality. So, from this point forward, the emphasis on those things I’ve discovered that help me feel better, which is the real goal:



The Dailey Method

I started taking these barre-type classes two months ago. After the first session, I questioned my ability to continue because the targeted muscle work is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Like I thought parts of me would explode, and forget holding a plank position for 30 seconds. But I pressed on, forced myself to continue the classes, and have since found it’s one of my favorite workouts. It’s a combination of yoga, barre, pilates and stretching that makes me feel like I could be a dancer. (I cannot be a dancer. The teachers fix my alignment every class because I have a congenital spaz defect.) I love the stretching especially, and most recently after a hang on the “stall” bar, all my vertebrae popped into a straight line that despite the infernal cracking sound, made me feel straighter and longer. I’m currently part of a challenge that incorporates several workouts a week, healthy, plant-based eating, and mind-body education. I’ll tell you one thing: these classes have definitely improved my posture and stomach strength (I don’t know. I just say stuff sometimes), and we can all do with sitting up straighter. Also, the emphasis is on small movements that builds muscle and I’m definitely feeling it.



I thank Maggie for all her input here. She gave me a list of the vitamins and herbs she takes to keep her health issues at bay – especially as they relate to hormones run amok, and I faithfully followed the recommendations. I’ve been taking Omega-3s, a B complex, Vitex (chaste berry) and a mineral supplement. I’m noticing a difference in my energy and wellbeing, for sure. Now, I just need to cure PMS and all will be well.

As for the serrapeptase I mentioned earlier, a Finnish friend lent me a bottle because her mother-in-law swears it drains cysts and gets them out of your body. I started taking two capsules a day and like I said, I believe it’s had a positive impact, other than the bleeding out (in all actuality, I DO notice I bleed longer if I get cut or bruised, but it’s nothing I can’t handle yet). I’ll update the serrapeptase testimonial after I take the whole bottle.



Staying mind healthy (a term my husband would use loosely) completely depends on surrounding myself with the right music. Right now, I’m into Jessie J, who is one of those singers who gets to the heart of it.



I think “being who you are” is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.


In the end, I’m one of those up and down people who commit to health for awhile and then fall hugely on my butt, only to get up again and go back at it. I’d like some more consistency in my life when it comes to staying healthy, but for now, I guess here is where I am and who.


The Dailey Method invited me to join the 60-Day Challenge free of charge. Maybe they felt sorry for my probable bicuspid aorta.





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  1. Marta says:

    I’m glad that you’re feeling better, I have never heard of the Dailey method but barre is something I’ve wanted to try. I would have grand aspirations of being a dancer if it wasn’t for my complete lack of rhythm. Also, I’m surprised I don’t listen to Jessie J more as I’ve always liked every song I’ve heard!

  2. Hey, if you enjoy it, you’ll stick with it more likely, right?

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