PROMPTuesday #185: Belief


I believe:

1. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat people who can’t do anything for him or her.

2. Writing is fumbling around a dark room searching for the light switch.

3. Imagination is more valuable than reason.

4. Comparing yourself to others saps your focus and weakens you.

5. You need to keep going.


What do you believe?


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P.S. Pretty sure someone already said the writing-dark-light-switch thing. I plead brilliance by association. Or just plagiarism.


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4 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #185: Belief”

  1. SurferWife says:

    Oh my God. #4

    I would like to print #4 out with a picture of your #ScaredButt to tape to my mirror. Please.

  2. Karen Duggan says:

    On Comparing Yourself to Others:
    I have been putting a friend of mine on a pedestal. When I hear what she is up to and see how she holds herself in the world, I find myself feeling a little bit shorter, my voice gets weaker and I am left wanting to be less of me and more of HER.

    I have enough life under my belt (at NEARLY half a century,) to know better! I have been to the workshops, read the books, watched the movies, ad nauseam ~~ and I have heard… “DON’T compare your insides to anyone else’s outsides!”

    It’s tricky staying centered, acknowledging my own gifts, accepting that we ALL have a light to shine.

    My reprieve came the night her husband was reminiscing about how she used to always get sick around final exams at college. I thought, ‘ah…pressure gets to her…she’s human.” Momentary relief.

  3. Me says:

    I believe I will write this tomorrow.

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