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It hasn’t been an easy year. In fact, it’s been a most uneasy year. I lost a major editing contract and have scraped and scratched for freelance jobs to fill the gap, and The Rock has never worked harder at bidding jobs that don’t come fast, or simple. This isn’t to say there haven’t been some opportunities come our way. I’m involved in some exciting projects, the likes of which thrill my creative brain, but the money hasn’t followed just yet, and it’s been tough while my fingers are crossed for an income (I’m sweet talking you, 2012). I also want to say that lest I seem ungrateful (tired, yes; ungrateful, not so), I’m so very thankful that each month, it somehow works out mostly pretty much, and jobs pop up right when I need them to pay for insurance or some such.




This is about Christmas and family and more gratitude and blessings.


Because it’s been a…difficult year, the holidays were a bit stressful, you know? I lucked out (again, blessings!) and won a few bloggy giveaways that helped (the Louboutins I scored? A major bonus. Those are for my feet when I land on my big writing gig) and took it a bit easier than years past and emphasized the meaning of Christmas rather than the material, but still. You know. With kids? That last part gets tricky.




I’m getting to the Christmas and family and gratitude and blessings.


This year, my siblings decided to rent a house where we could spend the holidays as a family; a holiday made richer by the fact that my dad cheated death in October and we all get the fragility of life and time spent together. Given that The Rock and I were largely unable to contribute in a “defray the costs of renting a house in Carmel” way, my brothers and sister told me to relax and enjoy Christmas without feeling the tension of fiscal suckiness. And by that, I mean, they gave us a Christmas of epic proportions without the stress of knowing you can’t afford it.


All this is to say we drove to Carmel last Friday and walked into a house filled with music and comfort food, a tree, and family. We spent the next few days alternating between “Hi! I love you!” and “Will you stop interrupting me!” and “I am NOT chunky!” and “Will SOMEONE CLEAN THE KITCHEN?” and most especially, “thank you, family, for a holiday beset with brothers and sisters and cousins and nephews and sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law, and a dad still around and generosity and knowing you’re there and escaping from spending money we don’t have just now.”


Thank you.



You made an uneasy year easier.


We’re surrounded by gratitude and blessings.


12 thoughts on “This Christmas”

  1. I love it. And I love your face.


    As I was reading this, I had xm radio playing on the 80’s station and expose’s exposed to love is on.

    80’s dance party at my place soon?

  2. I love Christmasses with less.

    We do it small every year.

    I will confess that I feel smug when I carry our after Xmas day trash out to the curb, and it consists of a garbage bag only 1/4 full with wrapping paper vs the neighborhood’s 5 bags busting out of the top and stacks of boxes besides.

    Smug indeed.

    Merry Christmas and a fruitful 2012 to you, kind lady.

  3. I’ve been shamelessly throwing myself at 2012 in an effort to win its support of actually seeing you face to face sometime in the next twelve months.

    Unfortunately, I’ve lost a lot of my come-hither skill.

    So we may have to rely on ourselves…

    I’m so glad your Christmas was lovely (and yes, full of gratitude) and I hope your new year is full of blessings.
    And me.


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