PROMPTuesday #156: The Easiest PROMPTuesday Ever in EverEverLand

Tonight I plan to take my friend out for her birthday, a feat that is amazing considering the scheduling back-and-forths of five other people. Because see, my friend’s birthday was last Monday. Last LAST Monday. But what matters is that we finally did it! God stars sprinkle from the heavens! At any rate, we will be converging on a patio somewhere. Finally for land sakes. But what matters is we got it together! Rainbow glitter happiness bursting from our hearts! There will also be food. Good, because making this happen took an act of supreme patience and I’m HUNGRY! But what matters is it’s happening! Meadows of green in our brains!


And right there, you’ve witnessed the ying and yang of my bipolar personality and possibly why my book still isn’t done.


It’s done! No it’s not! There’s more to do! But what matters is I’m doing it. But why isn’t it done? Because I still need to add the haunted house scene where bloody dead people stalk my characters! But my characters are only 10! Bloody haunters are too scary for the age group! But I gotta be me! I can make the characters 29! But that would change the whole focus! SO what? You gotta go with the inner flow of creative lava! Don’t stop it up! That’s like DEATH to a writer brain. But the main character’s name is Annie! That’s not a 29-year-old’s name! What am I doing? I can’t write! I need to rethink my whole life! I always wanted to be an archaeologist.


Speaking of my friend, last week she took a picture of me in my bathing suit at my request. I will be posting said picture here this week because nothing motivates me like public humiliation. Seriously, it’s the only way.


Other than that, I’ll probably try to get a workout in.


What are you doing this week?


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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P.S. In between the time I wrote this post and checked my email, the birthday dinner tonight was canceled. Irony! Is that irony? Or self-fulfilling prophecy? Can’t they be the same? A traffic jam when you’re already late!


P.P.S. I need a temporary restraining order for my exclamation points.


6 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #156: The Easiest PROMPTuesday Ever in EverEverLand”

  1. Trish says:

    Oh man, that sucks about dinner being cancelled!

  2. Cal says:

    Sounds like a crazy busy week for you!

  3. I love exclamation points! AND I find it near impossible to see friends anymore between my schedule and the kid’s schedule. I’m actually looking forward to a very lazy summer. Only 10 more days to go then I’m free as a bird for coffee and Anthro shopping…which by the way took way too much of my money yesterday because of their “sale!”

  4. Ferd says:

    Most of my online sentences end in exclamation points!
    And when I really want to exclaim, I use two!! OR THREE!!!

    I had finally gotten over my daughter’s critique of my writing. “Overuse of appendages.” In red pencil!
    Now I’m going to be self-conscious again, because of your exclamation point disapproval! :-(

    Emoticons are alright, right?

  5. Annie could be the name of an adult, a southern adult I think though more than a west or east coast girl…. I overuse multiple periods, all the time… See?

    So what am I doing this week?
    I cleaned out the master closet.
    Found the floor in the nursery.
    Go to doctor appt to have baby measured, and I plan on verbally beating my dr into trying to figure out if it’s a boy or girl.
    Eat. (A lot more than I did my 1st trimester!)
    Enjoy our below average summer time temps.
    That’s about it. Nothing big or exciting (unless dr tells me the gender of this baby!)

    It is hard to find a good time to schedule lunch or dinner with friends, they almost always get canceled or postponed indefinitely. I still haven’t seen one of my friends for our b-day get together in April. :(

  6. Mama Mary says:

    I love the title of this post (EverEverLand)and I love exclamation marks!!! I have a ridiculously crazy busy week, even more than normal, with Lex’s bday today and the marathon on Sunday. Then there’s the 10 year anniversary of my dad dying on Monday, coupled with trying to get my book and new website up. Oh, and did I mention I’m interviewing Jim Carrey & Angela Lansbury on Friday for the new penguin movie? Holy Crap! Now go finish that book girl! Go with the lava. And call me soon. And? watch my latest video and run the Las Vegas half marathon with me. That will help with the swim suit stuff. :) xoxoxoxoxox

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