PROMPTuesday #154: Celebrity Encounter

Pretty self-explanatory, right? My new pal Surfer Wife writes these celeb encounters so deliciously you ask for extra blueberry syrup on her outrageous prose pancake.


That didn’t sound proper in the least.


As for me, I lived in Los Angeles for several years and you better believe I got some stories. Coming soon, natch.


Meanwhile…Have you a memorable celebrity encounter?


Tell us everything.


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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14 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #154: Celebrity Encounter”

  1. In my other life, I worked in TV and film production, so I had many encounters with celebrities. It’s what I did for a living, so I didn’t get all that excited, except for one time…

    While working on the movie “Driving Miss Daisy” I walked up to Morgan Freeman and told him how much I loved the Electric Company when I was a kid. I couldn’t help myself. He agreed, said Electric Company was, the “cool version of Sesame Street.” Yup, I talked to the Easy Reader. Don’t hate.

  2. Oh man, celebrity encounters? Have I had some celebrity encounters. For years, I worked in both a record store on the Sunset Strip. Celebrity Encounters were like shooting fish in a barrel. I met rock stars and movie stars aplenty.

    So, you want the dirt? Like the time a certain celebrity on a popular HBO series whose first name rhymes with Scaremy pulled the “Do you know who I am?” when I wouldn’t let him in the theatre earlier than the rest of the crowd, which happened to include Susan Sarandon? Or, perhaps I can tell you about the time I had a chat with Lori Petty in the ladies room, stall-to-stall, as if we were girlfriends just discussing the movie. Or, the time I told Eric Clapton to get a job and offered to get him an application (he laughed).

    No, I’ll tell you a cautionary tale, which has served me well ever since–Be careful what you say in Hollywood; you never know who’s listening. My friend Robert and I were putting CDs away–well, I was putting CDs away; Robert was just idling in the aisles–and he was doing a spot-on imitation of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony, bless his heart, has had a well-publicized ongoing battle with drug addiction, but was clean and sober at the time this story took place. I was a HUGE Chili Pepper fan and Robert had this scenario in which I lived in an apartment above Anthony’s garage and had to constantly deal with a strung out rockstar. So, Robert is doing his “strung out Anthony” act, a particularly funny bit I must say, and I kept saying “Stop! That’s mean,” but laughing the whole time. I looked up to put CDs on the top shelf and over the rack from the other aisle rose a familiar pair of brown eyes followed by a familiar nose. Anthony Kiedis was in the next aisle and heard everything we were saying! My jaw dropped open as I saw his head duck back down. I ran to the other aisle to apologize but he was out the door and a giant pile of CDs was left in his place. I helped to insult my idol and lost my company a large sale. Plus, I felt perfectly awful. Anthony didn’t come back for a very long time and when he did, he gave me the stink eye.

  3. This encounter was from a couple of years ago, but I don’t live in southern CA, and the only celebs around here in NC are NASCAR drivers. LOL

    Our encounter with Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough was cool. We were having a late dessert after his Grand Ole Opry performance and they were staying at the same hotel (The Opryland). They were doing the same thing! I went over to their table to sheepishly ask Chuck if he wouldn’t mind having his picture taken with my wife who had become a big fan earlier that night at his performance. I nodded to Julianne, knowing full well who she was. Julianne and I stood together as we took Gail and Chuck’s picture. She actually asked me if I wanted my picture taken, too. I told her no, that this was Gail’s moment. Then I wished her good luck in Dancing with the Stars. She flashed me a memorable smile.

  4. Sadly, all I can contribute is that I’ve never had a celebrity encounter, except for seeing Tony Siragusa at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. I’ll wait while non-football lovers Google him…He was walking by in the casino but the look on his face said do NOT approach me, speak to me or acknowledge me and when a man that large gives you that look, you comply. Hmph, now I feel unfulfilled not having a single encounter to contribute.

  5. Marlon Brando yelled at me to be quiet in a hotel hallway when I was in 2nd grade. We were living in the hotel. He wanted to sleep. The end.

  6. I have had tons of celebrity encounters and write about them on my site, Most recently I met pretty much the entire cast of True Blood, my favorite show. Alexander Skarsgard had on a blood splattered shirt – he was on set so looked like Vampire Eric rather than Alexander. Last month we met Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie in a parking garage. The actually got out of their car to come over and take photos with us. I got the whole amazing thing on video. Check out my site for pics, video and complete details. Feel free to share your own stories and photos on there too!

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